"Discover How a Top Secret Fiber From the Far East Can Help You Lose 10 Pounds (or more) of Unwanted Build-up from Your Colon Easily and Gently in Only 3 Short Days? (proof below)"







Here is Barbara's Testimonial and Shocking Photo (Retired School Teacher from Kansas):

I took the product and on the first day I removed a 27 inch strand. The day after the cleanse I got very hot and had the urge to go to the bathroom. I felt like I was having a baby. When I got home I released a 21 inch long rubbery thread-like strand. But it didn't stop there. On the third day I released another 21 inch strand early in the morning and an hour later a 27 inch mucous strand. And into the afternoon the same day I removed yet another 29 inch strand and a 9 inch strand.  Then I called Bryant  early the next morning and reported releasing another 18 inches. And at 5pm the same night another 14 inches.   I also lost 4 inches off my waist.
That's a Total of 172 Inches (About 15 Feet)! The picture above was measured as a total of 86 inches of fecal matter.


Yes it's true, Barbara B. from Wichita Kansas had a healing breakthrough that shocked her family and her neighbors. She tried my 3 Day Colon Cleanse and removed over 15 feet and years of buildup from her digestive tract in only 3 days. 

I remember she called me for THREE straight mornings VERY early screaming "Bryant More Came Out!". One morning she was so nervous, because her family told het her intestines were coming out. I silently laughed, but soothed her fears and explained that she was releasing over 50 years of accumulation from a typical Amercan diet low in fiber and high in glue-like things such as white flour, dairy, potatoes, etc. 


Dear Friend,

If you are interested in sky-rocketing your energy levels, eliminating indigestion, gas, constipation and bloating... and scultping a flat, flat, flat stomach without ab exericises or crazy diets...

Than this might be the most important message you'll ever read.

My name is Bryant Meyers and I am a certified sports nutritionist, author and T.V. show host (My show is called Forever Young and reaches 100,000 households in West Michigan). I have been doing nutritional consultations for over 10 years and have conducted many workshops, lectures and classes on health and wellness. I even developed a nutritional product for a large nutraceutical company.

I tell you this not to brag but to let you know that I know what I'm talking about. I'm very excited about a recent discovery in colon health which can easily reverse any colon or digestive related problems, and triple (at least!) your energy levels and restore your body to its most natural healthy state. But before I tell you all about it, I want to share a few verifiable testimonials and give you some background.

I had no idea my intestine walls were being obstructed by mucoid plaque. After finishing the 3 day cleanse, I felt more energetic, I had regular BM's, and the bloated feeling I had went away. I've always been thin but I had a small pouch that wouldn't go away, by the third day my stomach was flat. This is truly a great product!

Thanks Bryant,
Melanie, Los Angeles, CA


This is my second  order  and have never felt better, I lost about 3 inches off my waist and 12 lbs, my goal is to weigh 210-215 I have 15 to go! 

Take care Bill



I Used to Be VERY Sick

After My trip to India a few years ago, I was down to 115 pounds (at 6 feet tall) and holding on to life by a thread. You see, I contracted a parasite infection in my colon and I literally could not digestive ANY food. I was thin, but had a bloated belly like and African child. I know first hand how devestating a toxic colon can be and I spent over $150,000 and over 7 years searching desperately for answers. I slowly found answers that gradually brought my health back, and this 3 Day Cleanse was definitely a breakthrough on that journey. 

On the day after I finished the cleanse, I removed over four feet of toxic buildup that looked like the shape of my colon in reverse with all the folds and wrinkles of the colon. It was as if it was the exact mold of my colon. What came out of me looked like the picture below:

Even more shocking was the parasite and tapeworm fragments that came out! I know this is not pleasant to see and hear, but sometimes what you don't know, CAN HURT YOU.

I don't know what your problems are, but if you are like most Americans, you have 15-20 pounds of toxic residue empacted on the inside of your colon. It is known that John Wayne and Elvis Presley both had over 50 pounds of empacted matter as reported by their respective autopsies.

So consider this:

Though no one likes to think about it, people can have up to 15 or 20 pounds of compacted fecal matter in the colon - tightly packed and highly toxic matter that just stays there, causing problems like colitis, hemorrhoids, and even colon cancer. 

But that's only the beginning. That impaction interferes with your ability to absorb nutrients, and actually releases poisons into the body to cause dozens of health problems:

...incredibly, all these things can be the result of an unhealthy colon.

I found the answer:  the astonishingly complete and healthy internal cleanse miracle,
3 Day Cleanse.  It clears, removes and rejuvenates the health of your colon with incredible results for your entire body and mind.


The So Easy Cleanse was really wonderful! I was able to "let go" of 10-15 feet of mucoid plaque in only 3 days! It was super easy to do, I was never hungry and I feel a lot lighter after doing it. I would recommend this cleanse to any one who wants to clean out old debris and feel a lot healthier. I can tell that my nutrient absorption has increased tremendously as my appetite has decreased quite a bit. Also, I don't get the bloated feeling after meals like I used to sometimes with raw foods. I am so glad that I did this cleanse and I will definitely be doing it every year!

Thanks Bryant!
Shawna, California


Why a clear, and cleaned out colon is the one thing that will make the greatest impact on your overall health.

There are many factors in the status of your health, but two reasons for illness and disorders of any kind are toxemia and malnutrition, both of which are likely when there's trouble in the colon.

A buildup of intestinal waste may cause an overgrowth of harmful bacteria and yeast, which thrive in a toxic environment. That also causes your colon to be is blocked, sluggish or unhealthy, and you will have putrefaction - rotting and fermentation of food - in the digestive tract, leading to bloating, cramping, foul odors and toxic conditions in the body.

What's more, anything short of a clean, clear and healthy digestive system means food particles (especially proteins) aren't broken down completely, and they can enter the bloodstream which leads the way to food allergies, a weakened immune system and many diseases.  It also means that the job of removing waste and poisons from your body can't be accomplished properly -- so those poisons find their way into your body and even try to escape through the skin, which is why skin problems are linked to an unhealthy bowel.

"After being vegan over twenty years and raw vegan for two, I wasn't sure if I actually had any stuff in my colon. Boy, was I wrong! I hadn't been feeling very well for a while and thought I would give this a shot and I am sure glad I did. It was so simple to do and worked for me on the third and forth day. I don't know how much rubbery stuff came out (I was at work!) but it was ALOT! I feel better and also not so hungry all the time! Thank you."


~Heather Mees, Las Vegas


Wow!  So many ill effects from this one problem.  So what do you do?  You try to clear it out.  You could use fiber or psyllium husks, which sort of scrape some of the impacted matter away - but they don't actually cleanse the entire colon and leave much of the troublesome toxic matter behind. 

Stimulant laxatives aren't much help, either.  They'll create movement or contraction of the bowel, but they don't internally cleanse.

And neither of these methods do anything for the health of the villi or the improvement of the healthy function of the colon.

And Most Require 30 Days to Work!

Hi Bryant,

"After doing the cleanse I felt lighter, stronger, healthier and younger than ever!"

Thank you, Bryant!
Lisa L.
Ojai, Ca


  What is the 3 Day Cleanse and Why is it Different from the Dozens of Colon Cleanses on the Market?

The 3 Day Cleanse is nothing short of a breakthrough from the Far East containing a fiber from the oil palm tree that penetrates the accumulation in the colon, lubricates the colon wall and makes it slippery so that the rubbery accumulation "slips right out". Remember the summer toy "slip 'n slide" which is a long piece of plastic that once you spray water on it, you can run head first and slide 20-30 feet. The key is the water. Without the water you're stuck. The oil palm fiber is the ONLY fiber that actually penetrates this buildup and lubricates the colon wall to make it slippery. Thats why it works in just three days, like grease lightning!

Many of my customers have told me that it felt like the mucoid plaque (encrusted fecal matter) just slipped out effortlessly.

I should know, because that is what happened to me. I did not remove 15 feet like Barbara, but I did remove about 4 feet of a rubbery accumulation that looked like the shape of my colon in reverse...

The 3 Day Cleanse doesn't scrape along like fibers or cause contractions and cramps like laxatives.  It actually cleans the entire colon, small intestine, and large intestine, all without side effects, pain or bloating. This is the ONLY cleanse in the world that contains the Oil palm fiber and I promise you this is unlike any cleanse you have ever tried.

Most Colon Cleanses are just the same rehash of things like psyllium, bentonite, slippery elm, marshmellow, harsh herbs like casacara sagrada, senna, etc, etc. I know because I used to work at a health food store and I am familiar with all the name brands. These inferior fibers work by sweeping the colon and can work, but it will probably take 30 days or longer.

Also, Psyllium and Bentonite can possibly cause more harm than good considering Bentonite is up to 35% Aluminum and psyllium can harden like cement creating an adverse reaction. When mixed with water, psyllium produces a substance called mucilage which is similar to adhesive glue binding to the fecal matter. Also Psyllium can cause an allergic reaction in some individuals and can possibly lower blood sugar, so it is ill advised for diabetics. The 3daycleanse ingredient, oil palm trunk fiber, penetrates the fecal matter, lubricates the colon wall. A safer and more effective process.

But Most importantly is that the 3 day cleanse works in just three days unlike most programs that take up to a month or longer and require many pills, teas, etc.

The 3 Day Cleanse flushes out that 15 to 20 pounds of compacted fecal matter inside your colon and restores a healthy, perfectly balanced environment to your insides.

Several months ago Bryant posted some info and testimonies about the "So Easy Cleanse" for releasing Mucoid Plaque. I had to get it. After receiving it I put it off for months and let it sit around. Finally I decided it was time to stop avoiding this and give it a shot and boy was I impressed. In the first two days I passed over 123 inches of brown frown. My total elimination was over 135 inches. It was so smooth and suttle. It wasn't hard for me to control, no pain, nor did I have to use the bathroom 8 times a day like having Diarrhea. I highly recommend trying this... you'll be thankful after releasing so much encrusted filth. Thanks so much Bryant for your time, effort and probing the realm of truth. A+

Michael G., Mukwonago, WI

What an excellent way to start any new diet plan or kickstart your new healthier lifestyle!  With the 3 Day Cleanse you'll actually achieve:

o          More manageable body weight

o          A flatter belly

o          More beautiful skin and hair

o          Regular bowel movements (one after each meal)

o          Hemorrhoid relief

o          Less joint, muscle and lower back pain

o          More energy

o          Fewer headaches

o          Sinus and allergy pain relief

o          Sweeter breath

o          Fewer skin blemishes

o          Less constipation and diarrhea

o          and the prevention of dozens of health concerns.

With the 3 Day Cleanse, you'll feel lighter, healthier and more energetic than ever before.

I must admit I started the cleanse with some doubt. I have been eating very well for the last two years. Mostly raw foods like, green drinks, salads, smoothies and good probiotics. So you can see why I had a hard time believing I had this stuff in my system. This was the easiest cleanse iv'e ever done.  I never felt fatigued during this time so it didn't interfere with work. There were a total of three eliminations in four days. The first one was on day two around 8:00 p.m. I was at work and i didn't have a camera or measuring tape. I estimated that it was very close to what you see in these pictures. The second was on day four (after the cleanse) around 1:00 p.m. which you see in the pictures I provided. Your looking at over 5 feet of mucoid plaque. The third elimination was that same day around 3:00 p.m. which was about half the amount. I suggest taking pictures for anyone doing the cleanse, because they speak for themselves.  I believe the key to this cleanse is being properly hydrated and following the instructions as it is laid out.  I plan on doing this cleanse 3 to 4 times a year.


Lonnie C., Brownsboro TX


You get at least 10 times your money's worth!

Would you rather take a greyhound bus or fly first class on concord jet? Would you rather spend 30 days cleaning your colon and a lot of hassle or do it better in THREE?

I personally know the owner of a competitive brand and found out it only costs him about $10 to completely create his product and he turns around and sells it for $50. And other colon cleanses are no different as they offer the same rehash of ingredients.

The oil palm trunk fiber requires a 20 step process that includes probiotic fermentation so the product is fully digestible. This is not a cheap process and does drive up the cost, but the results you'll get are exponentially better than other brands.

I honestly believe that you'll save $2000-$5000 a year on medical, supplements food and drugs. I personally know healing retreats that charge $3000+ for intensive 30 juice fasting and cleansing just to get that build-up out.

A clean colon is the foundation to health and having a system that is So Easy, Fast and Effective is priceless.

I did the So Easy Colon Cleanse and I got a LOT of rubbery-like, mucous debris out of my colon. I lost 7 lbs. over the 3-5 days of the  cleanse. It was very gentle and didn't disrupt my life at all. No  cramping or "emergency" bathroom situations.  I would definitely recommend this cleanse to anyone who wants the experience better colon health.


Lisa B., Plano, TX 


In summary, here's what you get:

You'll get the complete 3 Day Cleanse System, which includes 3 boxes (one for each day) that provide complete nutrition for three whole days including the wheatgrass, electrolyte drinks and 3 thick and tasty shakes containing the patented oil palm trunk fiber.

If you respond right away, you pay only $197 $150.

Act immediately and receive the following bonuses

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today! If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following:

Free bonus 1:

I will give you a free initial 30 minute nutritional consultation and help guide you to better health AFTER you are finished. Most companies sell you their product and you never hear from them again.

Free bonus 2:

Your After The Cleanse Survival Guide (ebook and audio course): This handy guidebook teaches you how to keep your colon clean after you finish the cleanse until your next cleanse. I have a lot of great information I have collected in my 15+ years of research.

Free bonus 3:

Free Access to my Happy Colon Newsletter that shares breakthroughs in health, longevity and lots of surprises.

Here's how to order right now!

To order 3 Day Cleanse just click the link below

So what are you waiting for, let's get you cleaned out...



To your success,

Bryant Meyers, B.S, M.A.

P.S. Remember, We only have a limited number of cleanses left at this price... So don't delay! Order now and take lose years of buildup forever!

P.P.S. Take advantage of the ONLY cleanse that works better, easier and faster (only 3 days) than "other" brands that take up to 30 days!

P.P.P.S. Here are some frequently asked questions

Q: Are the Instructions Available Online

A: Yes, Click on the link below

   Click Here For Instructions   

Q: Will I need to camp out near a bathroom?
A: No. This program is 100% whole food and fiber with no irratating herbs. You will be able to work and carry on normal activities during the cleanse,and there should be no need to rush suddenly to the bathroom while on the program.

Q: I'm a Vegetarian. Is this 3 Day Cleanse right for me?
A. Yes. The 3 Day Cleanse is a 100% Vegetarian, Organic and Non-GMO formula made from all-natural, premium quality ingredients. Also, no high temperatures are used so all the living enzymes are intake.

Q: Is the 3 Day Cleanse 100% gluten-free?
A: Yes. The 3 Day Cleanse contains NO gluten. Additionally, it contains NO wheat, corn, milk, egg, sugar, colorings or preservatives.

Q: When will I see results? How long should I remain on the 3 Day Cleanse
A: Most of our customers experience excellent results within the first week.

Q: Is the 3 Day Cleanse Program suitable for children?
A: The 3 Day Cleanse is NOT designed for small children. It IS perfectly suitable for teenagers of high-school age or older.

Q: Should I use the 3 Day Cleanse if I'm pregnant or nursing an infant?
A: No. A fetus or newborn should not be exposed to the toxins being eliminated from the mother's body while on the 3 Day Cleanse program.

Q: Should I wait before starting the 3 Day Cleanse?
A: Your health is the most precious thing you have. Each passing moment could be the tipping point that leads to major health problems. Don't risk it by putting your good health on hold, click the link below right now and we'll ship your 3 Day Cleanse to you right away, risk-free!

Q: What are the ingredients in the 3 Day Cleanse

A:  Ingredients for the 3 Day Colon cleanse:

Bio-Wheatgrass 7gr (2 sachets)
Ingredients: Wheatgrass and enzymes

Bio-Cell 7 gr (2 sachets)
Ingredients: Carrot, Lady Finger, Non-GMO fermented Soya Beans, Passion Fruit and Omega-3

Bio-Diet 14 gr (3 sachets)
Ingredients:Oil Palm Fiber, Lady Finger, Non-GMO fermented Soya Beans, Guar Gum and Fruit Flavor

Bio-Balance (3 sachets)
Ingredients: Oil Palm Fiber, Lady Finger, Red Rice and Non-GMO fermented Soya Beans

Q: What is Lady Finger?

A: Lady finger is just Chinese Okra. Okra is very healing to the mucous membranes and colon. 

If you'd like answers to any other questions, give us a call at 1-800-434-8388 or 1-407-672-6144. We're open 7 days a week and you can call us anytime 24/7. If you do not reach anyone, we will return your call promptly.



More Testimonials


Steven's story: I have suffered with chronic fatigue, painful muscles, weak connective tissue and inflammation for most of my adult life. I believed these conditions were caused by "leaky gut syndrome". I used many colon cleansing strategies and probiotic products, supplements, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, with only limited results. I had doubt the three day cleanse would work for me or I would get the same results as others I read about on this website. I was amazed when the plaque lining came out starting the very first day. I had very little hunger, with no cramping. My assimilation of supplements went way up with immediate improvement of all afore mentioned symptoms. I continue to improve daily.

Maureen's story: I would like to share my phenomenal experience with So Easy Cleanse. I have a lifetime history of colon problems, literally existing since birth. I was astonished the product delivered all it promised, and then some! Not only did the entire mucoid lining release over the three day period, I experienced a sensation of "brightness" about myself, like a veil or fog being lifted to the extent of even my vision seeming clearer. That was a totally unexpected healing bonus. Thank you Bryant, so glad I found these products.



Baer is a 43-year young raw foodist of four years. She writes:

I had wanted to do a major clean out of the intestines for years. But, already being a thin woman, was concerned about losing too much weight. I was assured that everything would be okay, and support was a phone call away.  At Bryant's suggestion, I did a precleanse (or colonics) to get out any loose food residue. That is, I chose the lemonade fast for seven days, then begin the So Easy Cleanse Program. I liked the variety packs of wheatgrass, then the shakes of vanilla and chocolate. The first day I was up all night eliminating the smelliest stuff. The next two days there was less of an odor, but the rubbery matter started to break off and be released from my body. It wasn't necessarily in long strands, but was the circumference of a pencil, and distinguishable from the gelatinous So Easy Cleanse product. Indeed, it varied from white to brown. The last day of the cleanse the eliminated matter was rubbe ry and had the shape of the colon in places
. Wow! I plan to do the cleanse again in the spring, and biannually there after. By the way, I did lose several pounds, but within a week and a half gained back healthy weight, with exercise, good food, rest and staying hydrated. Thanks Bryant for your support!    


~Baer, in SC


After participating in the colon cleansing program I have been very pleased with the results.  Immediately following the use of the supplements I was able to void approximately five feet of colon plaque and noticed a weight loss of seven pounds.  The longer term results have included a more regular bowel cycle, less bloating, and a slight reduction in abdominal bulge.

 As a side effect the program helped me to recognize and reduce my dependence on caffeine, which has contributed to more restful sleep and less daily fatigue.


I would highly recommend the cleansing program, and I plan to use the product again in the future.


G. M. Los Angeles, CA 


"I am thoroughly impressed with the So Easy cleanse.  I have tried numerous colon cleansing programs and found this one to be the easiest to do with successful results.  On the first day of drinking the shakes I had 5 larger than normal bowl movements.  It moved out more than anticipated amounts of excess fecal matter out of my colon!  I was amazed out how much stuff came out!  This stuff really works.  I recommend it to all my clients who are in need of colon cleansing (which is just about all of them)."


Eric Huffman

CEO of Healing Samurai Co. and Japanese Foot Reflex Specialist



Regards the So Easy cleanse...

I tried this and it does work!!
I removed about 8 feet of mucoid plaque, give or take.
Pictures coming soon, when I get them developed.
You will have to call or contact him on his page to order it. That's what we did.
I would suggest that EVERYONE do this!
After that, I want to do the this So Easy cleanse again. I feel like I could get even more out.
I'm sticking with drinking more water since doing the So Easy cleanse.
EVERYONE! Do this please! Your health will improve!


With the utmost sincerity I send you thanks for introducing me to the SoEasy Colon Cleanse.  Having run the gamut of cleansing programs over the past six years I can say with confidence that the SoEasy Cleanse is the most effective program I've experienced.  The cleanse was extremely gentle, no stomach cramps or bloating and my eliminations were regular but not excessive.  I began passing mucoid plaque on the evening of the first day and continued to do so until the morning of day four.  I believe at least 12 feet of plaque made the exodus from my body, surprising, as my diet as been pretty clean since the turn of the century.  Another major plus to the SoEasy is its brevity, 3 days is a cake walk compared to a 2-4 week program, meaning most people can muster up the discipline to complete this cleanse. 

After the cleanse I feel that I'm absorbing food more effectively and took the opportunity to replant my intestinal garden on freshly turned soil.

Overall, I think the SoEasy Colon Cleanse is an excellent way for people to reclaim their colons from the processed food industry who have hijacked the bellies of some many .  Much love, much respect and keep shining!

Peter Lynn
The Conscious Beverage Company


Hi Bryant,

I hope that this email finds you having a wonderful day. I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUUCH!!!!!!! for introducing me to such a fantastic product. The results were absolutely amazing,  I couldn't believe that a cleanse as easy as this one  could produce the results in that short of a period of time whilst other cleanses take months to do. As for the so called mucoid plaque that others are skeptical about, well it certainly does exist, I got resuts on the 2nd day of the cleanse and altogether I removed about 8 feet of it, simply amazing still going "oh my goodness that was festering inside of me YUCK!!!!!!. This cleanse didn't stop me from doing any of my normal activities.  I felt a bit tired and nauseous with cramping the first day but I knew it was just the cleanses doing what it was supposed to do and that was to release all that plaque. I will certainly do thei cleanse on a regular basis. Fot those who think the price is outrageous I say to them that it is well worth every penny I spent on it to get such wonderful results.

Thanks again Bryant for all your help AND PERSONAL 1 ON 1 I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!!!!!!.


Dear Bryant,

Thank you so much for introducing me to the So EASY cleanse! I feel fantastic after doing it and am finally convinced that muciod plaque does exist, because I expelled quite a bit of it (and still am two days later.)

I was worried at first that the plaque was really just the guar gum mixed with some of my normal fecal matter, but since I fasted two days prior to the cleanse and watched the plaque come out after five days without non-cleanse food, I am confidant that the plaque is actually decayed waste.

I will be sure to recomend this cleanse to both my mother and grandmother, although neither of them has ever purposfully gone a day without solid food. I wish you lots of luck in spreading the word about the cleanse, and will be sure to try it again in six months.

Elina Frina


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