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Oct '10

Yay!! I Figured Out The Problem.

Thank God, it’s not the theme, and it’s not the WordPress software.
I’m still keeping this new theme though, because I actually like it better than the Dynamic Dream.
It’s actually an earlier post of a vaccine newsletter that has some html stuff in it that was overriding the whole front page’s font, link color display.
[PROVE] Sixteen [...]

Oct '10

Something Is Seriously Wrong With My Blog Here

The same thing has happened, as what happened to previous theme.
NOW I know it’s nothing I’ve done. There has been NO CSS edits, no funky posts with unclosed html or anything.
It has to be the blog software of WordPress.
The same display problems are happening all over again, which caused me to change the theme [...]

Oct '10

Randomness and Random Pics

I’m referring to the Pictures from Blogs, Rants & Whatever here at the upper left of the blog.
They are random and of various type. They change each time the page is refreshed, or if you click on an individual post or page.
I uploaded over 200 various photos from the serious to the funny insane. [...]

Oct '10

Ugh, I Had to Change My Theme

Well, I think the CSS style sheet got messed up, so I’m trying the Travelogue Theme by Joshua Lyman.
I’ll try changing my theme back to the Dynamic Dream eventually, but I’ll keep this for awhile since it looks nice and I can put my own pics to change randomly at the top.
The post (before this [...]

Aug '10

Exporting a Wordpress Blog into Blogger

I did it just a few moments ago with my Wordpress Mixes blog.
The .XML file of this one is too big (can’t be over 1 MB), but the mixes blog was small enough to do.
I just wanted to see if it could be done, and the answer is YES!!!
How to Import A [...]

Aug '10

Amazon Context Links Ads

This one won’t work either.
At least it installed, but I don’t know how to get it to show.
I installed and activated it. No problem.
Then I went to the dashboard and put in my Amazon Associates ID, and hit submit.
It seemed to have took, but NO ONE ever says HOW to make these plugins work. [...]

Aug '10

Does Anything Ever Work Properly?

Inquiring minds would LOVE to know.
No matter what I do, it’s always messed up, and NEVER works.
Does the Universe ever get enough of screwing me over? Ever?
Maybe I should walk in a forever bent over position and make it easy for them. Grrrrrrrrrr….
I’m trying to add Widgets here and get errors. Always [...]

Aug '10


Akismet is still doing a standup job and has now blocked 144 Spams.

Aug '10

Remote Publishing & API Endpoint

I’ve been having this problem too, as I wanted to intergrate this with Flickr.
my own hosted wordpress blog – API endpoint URL problem
Terri Ream replied 20 days ago
I had the same issue. This worked for me…
***Note: If you use a Wordpress self-hosted blog, in your Wordpress dashboard under Settings > Writing > Remote Publishing be [...]

Jun '10


Got everything showing on mah sidebar now. Freakin’ A YAY!!
Hey Flynn, check it out!
Had to do a quickie search on how to fix that thing.
Otherwords, it’s a manual thing to have to do on this theme.
I even got Flickr pics added. Wooo Hooo!!
THANK YOU GOD!! At least I got it working now. [...]