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Dec '11

Beauty Spa Dream

A dream I was having this morning. I guess these things would be what I would expect in a health and beauty spa.
I was dreaming that I was waiting on my hair to be fixed and a facial including evening makeup.
The rest of the dream was in a half awake and half [...]

Jul '11

For Flynn…

I tried posting a response to your post on How do you know where you’re boundaries are? and the first comment wouldn’t post. So I tried again and it said, it looks like you’ve already posted that (duplicate comment). But the text I put in does not show, as it usually says awaiting [...]

Mar '11

Systemic Enzymes And What They Can Do

A Briefing on Systemic Enzymes
As we get older our enzyme levels and activity decrease. When combined with poor diet, illness and injury, we can suffer from an enzyme deficiency, which causes our bodies and normal bodily functions to start breaking down.
Systemic enzymes are the foundation that makes all of your other vitamin supplements work properly. [...]

Oct '10

Helping My Niece Stephanie

I somehow have to help my niece Stephanie now. I have to help my family now. The ones that truly love me. And I love and miss them too.
I would like to help with supplements and NCR for her headaches and fibromyalgia. Fibro sucks as it is, and the headaches too? [...]

Jul '10

Silk Worm Enzymes For Carotid Artery Blockage

Silk Worm Enzymes For Carotid Artery Blockage
Dr H. A. Nieper, Editor:
I informed you some years ago that Serrapeptase is apparently active in the cleaning of coronary arteries from occluding layers. The results are so spectacular that even Tom Valentine reported on this progress in the US (DC) press after speaking to several parties here.
Serrapeptase [...]

Jul '10

Serrapeptase (Serra Enzyme™ & SerraPlus™)

Top Of The Line Systemic Enzymes (Serrapeptase, Protease, Nattokinase, etc…)
First, a little bit about Serrapeptase:
Serrapeptase digests non-living tissue (fibrosis), blood clots, cysts, and arterial plaque and inflammation in all forms.
See my topic called Fibrosis, the Enemy of Life on The Women Warriors forum, for a full explanation, plus wonderful information from Dr. William Wong.
Serrapeptase has [...]