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Jul '11

How to regrow or repair bad teeth naturally

In addition to this protocol in the article, I do the Gerald Judd protocol, & use the monosodium phosphate from ToothSoap.com. I take the Vitamin D Forte by BioticsResearch, and colloidal minerals from Youngevity.  You can get the OsteoFX , as well. I don’t have the Novasonic massager yet, but plan to get [...]

Oct '10

Let’s Add The $1,200 To The Top Of My List, Shall We?

The anti-hag crusade NEVER ENDS. Ugh.
The tooth that broke off some last week broke off even more a little bit ago. Something is seriously wrong with my absorption and metabolism. $1,200 for ONE Crown.
I take supplements out the ying yang, and I STILL can’t absorb the calcium needed for the teeth. [...]