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Nov '10

Another Deep Poem

Nope, this wasn’t written by me either. I just find these in various places online. I CAN and DO write poems, and when I do, I’ll post whether any given poem is written by me.
I feel sorry for these people though. Gives me a sad.
Thinking of you – 23 [...]

Oct '10

Poor Guy. :(

Wow, the things I’m reading online that people are posting. Poor guy…
Seems like everybody has a sad these days.
My Last Days on Earth
I feel it coming…that inability to find anything worth living for anymore. I had found perspective, she was beautiful beyond words, and she was all mine, she wanted to [...]

Oct '10

Cloud Face Has A Sad

Yeah well… me too.
Found originally on Happy Chair Is Happy – Faces In Inanimate Objects

Sep '10


Was the happiest year ever for me, besides the birth of my daughter in 1980, of course.
I LOVED 2007. Everything about it. Especially November and early part of December.
I felt like my path was going forward smoothly and it was being the right one. Doing the usual activism, helping people with health and [...]