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Nov '10

No More MyFace On The Interwebs

From now on, any pic of me and what’s on the internet will be either removed and/or set to private settings.
Someone threatened me harm on a public forum yesterday, and I take threats very seriously. Robert spent last night praying about this.
So today will be spent making profiles private, and pics either removed and/or [...]

Oct '10

Let’s Add The $1,200 To The Top Of My List, Shall We?

The anti-hag crusade NEVER ENDS. Ugh.
The tooth that broke off some last week broke off even more a little bit ago. Something is seriously wrong with my absorption and metabolism. $1,200 for ONE Crown.
I take supplements out the ying yang, and I STILL can’t absorb the calcium needed for the teeth. [...]

Sep '10


Was the happiest year ever for me, besides the birth of my daughter in 1980, of course.
I LOVED 2007. Everything about it. Especially November and early part of December.
I felt like my path was going forward smoothly and it was being the right one. Doing the usual activism, helping people with health and [...]

Jun '10

Comments and Other Quirky Stuff

Okay, I’m posting on the last post about Audio Support, right?
I go back and edit the post, add hyperlinks, and added one to Ricardo’s page here. Well, I update and the post is fine, but I go to the Dashboard and check comments and Akismet Stats. My post shows up as a comment.
Here’s [...]