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Feb '15

What can oxygen transported by sulfur not repair?

Pub Med and the NIH explain what we see biologically. Sulfur can protect and repair the damage of radiation exposure by combining with the nasty stuff from Fukushima (cesium, plutonium, and all the rest, save iodine) to form sulfate compounds that leave the body harmlessly. Even glyphosate – the end-of-life poison that everyone fears – [...]

Jun '11

2 Nuclear Power Plants in Nebraska Under Siege

Two nuclear plants in Nebraska are under siege from Missouri River
floodwaters released by the Army Corps of Engineers. The locals
are calling this a “man-made flood” and the FAA has issued “no-fly”
zones above these two nuclear facilities.
The Corps estimates that floodwaters will continue at these extreme
levels for another 3-4 months. The levees which are protecting the
towns [...]

Jun '11

Must Watch Video on State of Radiation in Northern Hemisphere

This is the most concise, bullet pointed presentation on the dire situation of radiation I have seen yet. The video is only 9 min 54 seconds.

Here are a few bullet points covered in the video:
1 pound of plutonium could hypothetically give every person on earth cancer as it only takes 1/millionth of a gram [...]

Apr '11

Easy remedy for Detoxing from Radiation poisoning

Due to high levels of radiation detected throughout the country/world and locally — yes, in Washington and Idaho — this is good to know and do.
Take the test! Smile What many do not seem to be aware of is their constant exposure to various forms of radiation through cordless phones, dirty electricity, cellphones and celltowers. [...]

Mar '11

Radiation FAQs – Part 2 | Quiddity Nutrition Organic

The nuclear disaster in Japan is a great tragedy for the Japanese people. We need to understand that this is primarily a local disaster for Japan. There is a very small chance that there will be any negative health impact on the rest of the world.
Alert level climbs from Level 4 to Level [...]

Mar '11

Japan Radiation Update 4

Friday, March 18, 2011
This is my fourth post about the Japanese nuclear disaster. First, I have to give credit to the U.S. government for suggesting that U.S. citizens move further away (50 miles) from the radiation danger. This action would serve to verify the severity of the crises.
I believe this crisis should highlight the need [...]

Mar '11

Japanese Radiation Update 3

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
As the news in Japan worsens, I am getting more and more questions about what to do. Let me try and address as many questions as possible. I will keep blogging about this until most of the questions are answered.
First, I believe the Japanese government is not being truthful about the magnitude [...]

Mar '11

Japan Radiation Update

This this is my favorite subject! I’ve been taking Ioderol for years. We met Dr. Brownstein from Michigan and Dr. Jorge Flechas from Puerto Rico at the Cancer Control Society back in 2006. At the time we were trying to save L’s thyroid, but alas, it was too late for him! [...]

Mar '11

Fallout Foods That Block Radioactivity

Fallout Foods That Block Radioactivity
The powerful Jet Stream has just delivered radioactive fallout from those damaged Fukushima nuclear power plants in Japan to America’s shores.
And while the officials say we “have little to worry about,” I’ll be taking a few extra precautions on protecting my health and my family, thank you very much.
You see, my [...]

Mar '11

Potassium Iodide (KI) Treatment for Animals Following a Nuclear Disaster

I’ll be adding to this more, as I find it.
Potassium Iodide (KI) Treatment for Animals Following a Nuclear Disaster
*Note: I don’t agree with the vaccines nor microchips for pets. Everyone that knows me, knows my stance on vaccines period. Nuff said.
[PDF] Potassium Iodide (KI) Treatment for Animals Following a [...]