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Jun '11

2 Nuclear Power Plants in Nebraska Under Siege

Two nuclear plants in Nebraska are under siege from Missouri River
floodwaters released by the Army Corps of Engineers. The locals
are calling this a “man-made flood” and the FAA has issued “no-fly”
zones above these two nuclear facilities.
The Corps estimates that floodwaters will continue at these extreme
levels for another 3-4 months. The levees which are protecting the
towns [...]

Jun '11

Must Watch Video on State of Radiation in Northern Hemisphere

This is the most concise, bullet pointed presentation on the dire situation of radiation I have seen yet. The video is only 9 min 54 seconds.

Here are a few bullet points covered in the video:
1 pound of plutonium could hypothetically give every person on earth cancer as it only takes 1/millionth of a gram [...]

Jun '11

A Weaponized World

Very informative 35 min video covering a number of tools the dark side is using to sterilize, sicken and kill mankind…..like…….radiation, HAARP, vaccines, GMO food (they like to spell “phude”) and much more.
Weaponized Pathogens (including the fake avian and swine flu “pandemics” and the new super-e. coli with its inserted plague DNA)
Weaponized “Phude” [...]

Mar '11

Radiation Exposure – What are the Health Risks?

Since the disaster events in Japan causing leakage of radiation from several nuclear power plants, we have had many of our clients contact us with questions about how to protect themselves from radiation poisoning. This is especially true for our friends in Hawaii. But even in California, Ted’s wife, Patsy, who has relatives in [...]

Mar '11

Radiation update

Radiation Update

Great show from Alex Jones

The free On Demand Alex Jones broadcast (until his 11am central show today) is an excellent source to get the latest news.  Alex reported that at least on Japanese nuclear reactor has melted down (many other reactors may be at risk) and the U. S. west coast is [...]

Mar '11

It’s Iodine, Baby!

This is a repost from BeautifulDreamer
Are you tired, run-down, listless?
Do you poop out at parties?
Are you unpopular?
The answer to all your problems is in this little bottle: IODINE.
This lens is about iodine and other ways of feeding and keeping your thyroid and other glands happy. Since starting iodine myself, I’ve discovered that I’m actually [...]

Mar '11

CBC Alert! Japanese Nuclear Jet Stream Fallout Map for Canada, BC

FYI – make your own determination as to whether you think the Japanese radio-active iodine laden steam cloud will come to your area and how to prepare. Note the relevant FDA and CDC information at the end of this mail. Larry
CBC Alert! Japanese Nuclear Jet Stream Fallout [...]

Nov '10

Opting Out of TSA Naked Body Scanners At The Airport

How to opt out of the TSA’s naked body scanners at the airport