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Oct '11

Fusion Cashout Payment

It’s better than nothing. It paid for my chiropractic adjustment yesterday.
And what’s really great is that he will accept a pay pal payment, when it’s my turn to pay.
Hubby and I take turns in who pays the chiropractor. I go every other week now.

Jun '11

Fusion Cash Payout

Will come in very handy indeed.

Mar '11

Fusion Cash Cashout Payment

Yay! I just got my Fusion Cash Payment!

And got my Clickworker.com payment a few days ago too.

Can’t NO ONE tell me these programs don’t pay. This is money to pay a utility bill with, buy needed supplements or even a few groceries.
These programs can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but they [...]

Feb '11

Fusion Cash Cashout

I just cashed out $30.30 from @FusionCash. You can too: http://bit.ly/g3uri3 $5 signup bonus!
I will receive my funds on or around March 20th.
It’s not ALOT, but something of that amount will pay a basic phone bill, go towards a power bill, or pay for your ISP, etc…
I usually cash out every other month at [...]

Dec '10

Fusion Cash Pays Too

Check it!…
Hi _______,
Your cashout request for $25.02 has been approved and processed.
You can expect your PayPal payment to arrive by the 20th of the month.
If the 20th lands on a weekend or holiday, payments are processed on the following business day.
Thanks for using FusionCash, and enjoy your money!

One thing about doing this program is [...]