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Dec '13

Poem About Tyranny

From Ella Moore
Oh say can you see
or are you in denial
what so proudly we boast
as we are put on trial
what rights do you think you have?
Did you ask permission for that
If you grow your own food
You are tossed in a cage like a rat
Politicians dead glare
Chemtrails polluting the air
There’s proof won’t you see
This is not [...]

Jun '11

somewhere over the rainbow

Someone unparalleled warmed my heart
All four chambers welcome the ardor
Somehow a small rift obstructed a circuit
All four-leafed clovers instantaneously wilted
Someway life bequeathed new unbeaten paths
All four months are quickly passing away
Yet. . .
Something karmic sporadically nags my mind
All four limbs dismantle my protective armor
Sometimes my heart-shaped shield breaks down
All four cardinal points nakedly exposed
Somewhere deep [...]

Nov '10

The Search

Found online…
At the end of the day, when thesun has set and the warmth of the sun has left for other climes, there is only you. The whisper of you, the fleeting fragrance of you as surely illusory as a dream deeply held but fleeting upon the raking chimes of an ill timed alarm. I [...]

Nov '10

Another Deep Poem

Nope, this wasn’t written by me either. I just find these in various places online. I CAN and DO write poems, and when I do, I’ll post whether any given poem is written by me.
I feel sorry for these people though. Gives me a sad.
Thinking of you – 23 [...]

Oct '10

to my twin soul…

Another poem, I found online. No, I didn’t write this. But I wish that I had though. I can surely relate with them 1000%.
The Universe is just too fucking cruel, me thinks.
to my twin soul…
if one day i would decide to come back…
it will be to experience the real thing
it will be [...]

Oct '10


Found on the internet (not mine). Yes, I’m reading.
Looks like I’m not the only one with a foreboding feeling.
Desperate Measures
In the 11th hour devious deception reigns
The masses turn on their ilk for a glimpse of
a dawn never intended for such eyes
No reprieve, the desperate darkness
tear at walls, bloodied nails for an [...]

Oct '10


No, I did not write this.
yeah a poem
You really should not be playing such deadly games
Even if its for the money she brings.
She harmed you once. She could harm you again.
so get away from her and let the healing begin.
ok the poems are back lol

Jun '10

Poem from Diana

She included this nice poem in one of her emails to me.
“yeah you can blog poems I write.”

Im blank now. Im nobody.
doing nothing
no where to go
cause I gave it all up you know
now its up to the
holy spirit to talk to me
guide me show me love me
or whatever but talk to me now.

May '10

Touching Heaven

Touching Heaven
In the year
two thousand and seven,
Oh the Love so strong
was just like Heaven
Oh so strong
was that love she felt
totally made her little heart melt
The boy did laugh,
and the girl did smile
While the sun shone in their hearts
all that while
Visions of hope filled up her heart,
But then came the blow that tore it apart
Out of [...]