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Dec '13

The Importance of Amino Acids For Protein Utilization and Healing

Because of inadequate nutrition, malabsorption and exposure to toxins, people do not efficiently utilize their dietary protein. Common toxins come from dental fillings (those silver mercury amalgam type), vaccinations, household cleaners, cosmetics, old lead paint and a wide variety of industrial products, especially fragrances and drugs.
Instead of proper protein digestion to create and build new [...]

Dec '11

Beauty Spa Dream

A dream I was having this morning. I guess these things would be what I would expect in a health and beauty spa.
I was dreaming that I was waiting on my hair to be fixed and a facial including evening makeup.
The rest of the dream was in a half awake and half [...]

Jul '11

For Flynn…

I tried posting a response to your post on How do you know where you’re boundaries are? and the first comment wouldn’t post. So I tried again and it said, it looks like you’ve already posted that (duplicate comment). But the text I put in does not show, as it usually says awaiting [...]

Mar '11


Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 22:45:19 -0700
Subject: Radiation Detox Basics
From: gjlynch@wispwest.net
To: gjlynch@wispwest.net
There is more to this topic but here are some basics you should know from:
www.radiationdetox.com :
The information is from a downloadable book listed at the bottom of the article that is supposed to be available free. So far I haven’t been able to download [...]

Mar '11

Why are Free Form Essential Amino Acids Necessary and What to Look For!

1. Look for high quality, crystalline, free-form, amino acids (AAs) Most amino acid blends on the market are actually reduced milk or soy proteins. These may contain small quantities of free form AAs but are mostly comprised of whole proteins and peptides. Proteins and peptides are AAs that are linked together in chains and must [...]

Mar '11

Fibromyalgia — Amino Acids, MSM and Enzymes

Fibromyalgia — Amino Acids, MSM and Enzymes
By Kathy Love
It has been discovered that people with fibromyalgia almost always have a protein deficiency which in turn causes an enzyme deficiency as the body uses the amino acids from proteins to manufacture enzymes. Enzymes in turn are used for almost all functions in the body. Studies have [...]

Oct '10

Helping My Niece Stephanie

I somehow have to help my niece Stephanie now. I have to help my family now. The ones that truly love me. And I love and miss them too.
I would like to help with supplements and NCR for her headaches and fibromyalgia. Fibro sucks as it is, and the headaches too? [...]

Oct '10

Master Amino Acid Pattern From Kevin

This is ALOT like the Platinum Plus Amino Acids by Doctor Vickery. For people who are eating protein, but yet are not assimilating it as they should. What I’m not sure about is if Platinum Plus compares with the 99% Nitrogen utilization, and the 1% waste generation as MAP.
We are definitely going [...]

Jun '10

Iodine And The Halogen Revolution by Dr. Brice E. Vickery

My last Post was things to do to improve thyroid function by Dr Richard Lloyd & some other suggestions from me.
This article below points out ONE of the many barriers that block thyroid function.
This is in response to the article on “Avoid Bromilated Vegetable Oils in Breads & Baking Products
Iodine And The Halogen Revolution
by Dr. [...]