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Nov '10

96% will make alternative plans!

Gonna fly?
Vote here. (LOL!!! 96% will make alternative plans. )
Here’s one of the comments – she sent US Airways a great letter…
I sent this to US Airways today…no chance they will do the right thing, but here’s hoping.
Dear US Airways –
I booked this flight from Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) [...]

Aug '10

Obamacare is now available

People registering now for “free” obamacare at the government sponsored GEHA website are in need of healthcare FROM THE SHOCK they are experencing—–that obamacare is far from cheap, let alone free.
This FEDERAL government insurance policy will be in effect until 2014 at least. But prices can go up during that time.
You can’t register for [...]

Jul '10

Even The Troops Are Waking Up

Someone sent me this in email, and I’ve seen in on other blogs, so I wanted to post it.
At least some of them seem to be waking up.
It was nice to see one soldier felt guilt about his job.

Jun '10

Kill The Internet? WTF?!

2:24 PM jairoramirez1: oh guess what
They are trying to give the president
and Im sure they will
access to an internet
2:25 PM kill switch
me: We would have to go back to the 80’s again.
jairoramirez1: ugh
listen to the radio
and be like

Jun '10

Well of All Things!!!…

Thank you God!! My Digital Angel Donna DJ site, will NOW display in Firefox again!! I was ready to HURL my computer.
4 days ago, my site suddenly quit displaying in Firefox. I was getting this error…
Connection Interrupted
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
The network link was interrupted [...]

May '10

How to Block Netflix Popup in Firefox 3.5

I’m SOOOOO tired of this shit, so I found this article and fix. Malware & spyware removal programs are no good in removing the “fuck me over” beacon signs that end up on everyone’s computers nowadays.
By e-Rambler, eHow Member
All versions of Mozilla Firefox 3.5 has a good built-in popup ads blocker. Flash popups [...]

May '10

The USA is attempting to enforce the global censorship of “non-GMO” food labels in a CODEX meeting taking place right now.

The USA is attempting to enforce the global censorship of “non-GMO” food labels in a CODEX meeting taking place right now.
You heard me right: The U.S. is actually pushing an agenda that would outlaw all non-GMO labels and claims across the entire world, thereby enforcing worldwide consumer ignorance about GMOs.
Read the startling facts about this [...]

May '10

Like The Sweet Tweet, Do Ya?

Not anymore. I got rid of that crap too.
Last post, I linked to DB’s blog about FB.
Well, it’s just as bad as FB, because those of you who liked Twitter? The Sweet Tweets are not so sweet anymore. It’s being profiled now. It’s also an “in play” agency network.
The [...]