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Aug '11

Looking At Houses

Another place we used to live. This was in FL. We moved from there in Fall of 2002.
I still miss it.

Jul '11

Looking At Houses

We had looked at the outside of this before, and just found that it’s listed for less than what was originally quoted.
Had gotten approval from the other one I liked so much, but it was sold out from under us. So we’ll have to get re-approval for this one, since it’s from different people [...]

Jul '11

Looking At Houses

Well, the blue one is going to be more payment than we can swing per month. Ugh.
So yesterday, we get told one price and then today, it’s $7,000 higher than what was quoted yesterday.
And Robert was like the green one is a back up plan and I said IT IS TOO SMALL! The [...]

Jul '11

Looking At Houses

Okay, it’s Plan B.
Plan B has two options. Since the place we just applied got bought out for cash from someone else, we have the option to take a lot (or two) up the street. We can still have a home just like the one we looked at, with same [...]

Jul '11

Looking At Houses

Looked at this baby today and we both FELL IN LOVE with it.
We’re going to try to get this one. It’s 12 miles north of the local town, and in the country.
It’s brand new, including the lot and a smaller pie shaped lot next to it which GOES with the deal. Under [...]

Jul '11

Looking At Houses

Three weeks ago, we looked at this double wide manufactured home.
We loved it, but they wanted WAYYYYYYY too much for the home and lot. $149,000! I don’t think so!
But the house is brand new, and and is in a nice neighborhood and has DSL available in the area. We WANT that [...]