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May '11

Hack Attempt

Must have stepped on TPTB’s nerves with the last post.
Got a hack attack from a site I’ve never heard of NOR been to…

FU TROLLS! The TPTB and butt buddies can kiss my ass.

May '11

Firefox Browser, Ad Blocking, Browsing, and PC Annoyances & Woes

Yes, this is a rant. I was just sitting here thinking about all the PC Woes I’ve had recently and in the past, and STILL have various issues.
The main reason I’ve always like Firefox browser is because of the add on extensions.
Especially Ad Block Pro!
I get very freaking annoyed when I use my search [...]

Jun '10

Blue Mountain Card Scam

Sent to me in email. No name, no sender info.
Yeah, I’m sure someone loves me that much to send an anonymous card. NOT!!
I managed to at least capture the pic to make the card. It’s more than likely a phishing attempt. And SPAM!
So my email on other people’s sites is still [...]