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Jun '11

somewhere over the rainbow

Someone unparalleled warmed my heart
All four chambers welcome the ardor
Somehow a small rift obstructed a circuit
All four-leafed clovers instantaneously wilted
Someway life bequeathed new unbeaten paths
All four months are quickly passing away
Yet. . .
Something karmic sporadically nags my mind
All four limbs dismantle my protective armor
Sometimes my heart-shaped shield breaks down
All four cardinal points nakedly exposed
Somewhere deep [...]

May '10

Touching Heaven

Touching Heaven
In the year
two thousand and seven,
Oh the Love so strong
was just like Heaven
Oh so strong
was that love she felt
totally made her little heart melt
The boy did laugh,
and the girl did smile
While the sun shone in their hearts
all that while
Visions of hope filled up her heart,
But then came the blow that tore it apart
Out of [...]