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Oct '15

Coffee Enema In A Pill

Natural Health Solutions 116
October 26, 2015

Yes, It Is Coffee – but No, You Don’t Drink It

Dear Friend,
First of all, let’s get it right out of the way… Coffee Enema?  Seriously?!
Now down to the business of it…
Historically, coffee enemas were quite common (even recorded in biblical scripts) until the early 1970s, [...]

May '10

Chanca Piedra for gallstones & kidney stones

Chanca Piedra Extract 2 Fl Oz ( Phyllanthus niruri ) By Raintree Nutrition Inc.
This high quality product is a highly concentrated extract of chanca piedra (Phyllanthus niruri). Its Peruvian name, chanca piedra, means “stone breaker” throughout South America and the Amazon.* Raintree’s chanca piedra concentrated extract uses new and proprietary extraction methods to concentrate [...]