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Sep '11

Powerful and Quick Construction Concrete Canvas Shelters

Really amazing technology. If I ever become homeless, I could always do this…
Concrete Canvas Shelters are rapidly deployable hardened shelters that require a light truck, an air pump and a water hose for construction. The key to CCS is the use of inflation to create a surfacethat is optimized for compressive loading.
This allows thin [...]

Sep '11

Looking At Houses

Well, we found one that was nice and also reasonable and decided on it.
We’re packing right now. The first of next week, we start moing the stuff.
I have thrown away so much stuff. There’s still more to get rid of too. Robert’s still keeping too much stuff.
There’s many other houses we looked [...]

Mar '11

Congratulations To My Friend Jairo R.

Just a quick congratulations to my friend Jairo Ramirez JR aka Ricardo) on his new job.
And also congrats on a nice chunky raise too! He’s in the IT business.
And he still keeps me laughing.
Here’s wishing you the best and blessings in your new job! Love ya lots! Muahhhh!! ♥
The [...]

Jun '10

Is It Love by Mr Mister & Remade/Remixed by The Teachers

Is It Love is a song I’ve always loved from the first time I heard it in 1986. I would bug the DJ at Shenanigans to play it for me, plus I would sometimes hear it on the radio. I blasted my music loud back then, just as I do now.
Mr. [...]

May '10


It says progressive house music, but sounds more like the progressive trance to me. The girl’s makeup on the vid is kinda creepy, but I love the song. I like the vocal mix better.
Same song, except the first has vocals and the second one doesn’t. Would like to put this in an [...]