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Nov '13

Life Preserver for Diana and her Daughter

We need to raise at least $500 for a homeless friend to get to FL to be with her daughter who is also in dire straits. She is stuck in California. Her name is Diana.
To begin with her daughter’s new home came with some kind of bird mites, which is noted when you [...]

Mar '11

Collectibles For My Cheez Frenz

Since most of my readers of this blog don’t know what ICHC Collectibles are, let alone what Cheezburger is, can just kindly skip this post. I understand.
Several of my Cheezburger Buddies and I have been trading ICHC collectibles back and forth since about November/December.
There are alot of them that are missing many of them, [...]

Oct '10

Let’s Add The $1,200 To The Top Of My List, Shall We?

The anti-hag crusade NEVER ENDS. Ugh.
The tooth that broke off some last week broke off even more a little bit ago. Something is seriously wrong with my absorption and metabolism. $1,200 for ONE Crown.
I take supplements out the ying yang, and I STILL can’t absorb the calcium needed for the teeth. [...]