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May '10

Kitten with a Whopping HUGE Heart

Kitten says “I Love Dot” in her fur.. and her mamma’s name is Dottie!
“A California family says the unusual markings on one of their kittens, proves the kitty’s love for its mother.
Take a close look at the side of the cat — on its fur you can see the message “I Love Dot.”
The family says the name of the kitten’s mother is Dottie — and the message of love is for her.
The unique kitten was one of a litter of six.”

May '10

Touching Heaven

Touching Heaven
In the year
two thousand and seven,
Oh the Love so strong
was just like Heaven
Oh so strong
was that love she felt
totally made her little heart melt
The boy did laugh,
and the girl did smile
While the sun shone in their hearts
all that while
Visions of hope filled up her heart,
But then came the blow that tore it apart
Out of [...]