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May '15

GMO Maca Is Here…?!? – The Raw Food World News

GMO Maca Is Here…?!? • The Raw Food World News
Well… we already know where we are going to get ours.
Search Organic Maca…
‘At-Cost’ Specials
Yum! All this delish Maca goodness. I want those Maca Buttercups!
Organic Raw Maca Powder, 1 LB Grade AAA+
[Black] Maca Powder, 1lb
[LARGE] Cinnamon & Red Maca Almond Butter, 1lb – Jem [...]

Sep '13

Wheat, Grains, Gluten, and Lectins

Montgomery County Chiropractic
April 29, 2012 at 10:05am ·
In this article a key question is brought to the forefront, namely, is eating wheat and gluten free enough to obtain optimal health? The mass market has done quite a good job of accommodating the gluten & wheat free movement by providing [...]

Feb '12

MONSANTO: Poisoning the world in the name of junk science and profit

The appointment of former Monsanto VP, Michael Taylor, to head the FDA is such an extreme disappointment.
Taylor is the same person who was Food Safety Czar at the FDA when genetically modified organisms were allowed into the U.S. food supply without undergoing a single test to determine their safety or risks.
Moreover, Monsanto is culpable in [...]

Feb '12

Monsanto Forced Out of UK by Activists

Where are our USA activists???
Most people in the US are satisfied with their lives and don’t really want to know the truth. After all, it might make them question their reality, and knock them a bit out of their comfort zones. Thanks to the fluoride in the water supplies, most people are docile and are [...]

Mar '11

Deadly Pathogen Found in GMO Crops

This is not a journalist reporting, this is a very serious scientist with a very long experience making a very important advisory. Essentially he is pointing to “Round-Up” GMO grains containing a hitchhiking deadly virus pathogen which will devastate animal husbandry and cause spontaneous crop failures.
There’s plenty more about it via a Google search…

Aug '10

How to spot a GMO (genetically modified organism) in the grocery store