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May '11

The 4400

Nice name for a show, eh? We rented DVDs of this show from the library, and it’s awesome. Note the 144 subliminal reference to 144 in Episode 1, part 3 below….
The 4400 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is the opening song for the show….
The 4400 – Opening (Amanda Abizaid – A Place in [...]

May '10

LOLCats For Anne, Buggy and Kittehs

Dear Anne & Buggy,
I hearz from Ceiling Cat, you has request 4 LOLCats Bible.
I iz here to grant ur request. I has links 4 u.
Dis stufs iz for Christ Kitteh. U has a want, so Ceiling Cat sed givez u dis, so u can has a happi nao. Will helpz [...]