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Nov '13

Life Preserver for Diana and her Daughter

We need to raise at least $500 for a homeless friend to get to FL to be with her daughter who is also in dire straits. She is stuck in California. Her name is Diana.
To begin with her daughter’s new home came with some kind of bird mites, which is noted when you [...]

Mar '11

Collectibles For My Cheez Frenz

Since most of my readers of this blog don’t know what ICHC Collectibles are, let alone what Cheezburger is, can just kindly skip this post. I understand.
Several of my Cheezburger Buddies and I have been trading ICHC collectibles back and forth since about November/December.
There are alot of them that are missing many of them, [...]

Oct '10


No, I did not write this.
yeah a poem
You really should not be playing such deadly games
Even if its for the money she brings.
She harmed you once. She could harm you again.
so get away from her and let the healing begin.
ok the poems are back lol

Oct '10

4 1/2 Inches

4 and half inches are what I lost yesterday due to a 2-hour session on the Lapex 2000 BCS Lipo Laser machine.
Robert, Anne Chamberlain and I had to attend the Vaccination Liberation booth at the Holistic Festivals, due to the fact that Ingri wasn’t able to come and do her presentation.
I met ALOT of wonderful [...]

Sep '10

144 Today…

On Laranda’s MySpace page looking at her photo albums. She has 144 in one of them.
She is Teresa’s daughter. Teresa was my best friend in Georgia, before I moved from there. I had more fun with her than anyone ever.

Here’s a pic of Laranda, Teresa and Alexis…

Jul '10

Birthday Wishes…

Today is my birthday, so here are the nice bday wishes, blessings, buggles and love from everyone….
Thank you to all of you. I love each and every one of you. You all have a special place in my heart.
Picture of bday card from my fav guys…

And this picture happens to be named 144, [...]

Jun '10

144 Friends

… on MySpace.com Hahaha.
Robert finally decides to join MySpace, and when I got the notice, I quickly added.
I went into the “Change Top Friends” setting and noticed that I NOW have 144 friends.
Was even more cool that Robert is the 144th Friend. Couldn’t wait to send him the screenshot of what I was [...]

May '10

Donna & Jackie

A couple of pics of Jackie and I.
They click out to My Flickr Photos.