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Oct '15

Glytamins… to Rejuvenate Your Body

Natural Health Solutions 111
October 8, 2015

Glytamins… to Rejuvenate Your Body

What is the fastest path to better overall health? Right after having a healthy bacterial flora in your intestine, it is the function of your liver and gallbladder. It has to do with your ability to build energy, digest foods, [...]

Mar '15

Bring vital nutrients IN ~ Move harmful toxins OUT

Bring vital nutrients IN  ~  Move harmful toxins OUT

It’s been said that all forms of illness can be traced to two basic causes:
1.  Inadequate nourishment (too few nutrients reaching the cells) and

2.  Insufficient cleansing (too many toxins remaining in the cells).
These two very basic keys to a healthy body are now easy to attain [...]

Feb '15

Mitigate Glyphosate Toxicity by Taking Organic Sulfur

Agent Orange is toxic to plants and acts as a neurotoxin to man and insects. I’ve seen how Agent Orange damaged the health and lives of Vietnam Vets who ended up in Utah. With the blessings of the FDA and Supreme Court, Agent Orange — repackaged today as glyphosate — is being fed to everyone [...]

Dec '14

Fungal Infection Can Be Deadly – But There is Help …

Stubborn Fungal Infections
Cause More Than Yellow Toenails

It starts quite innocently, with a mild cough, an irritation that just won’t go away. But then, you get these persistent breathing problems, fatigue, and immune challenges that just don’t let up …
The problem is common in high humidity areas, but can arise in poorly [...]

Dec '13

The Importance of Amino Acids For Protein Utilization and Healing

Because of inadequate nutrition, malabsorption and exposure to toxins, people do not efficiently utilize their dietary protein. Common toxins come from dental fillings (those silver mercury amalgam type), vaccinations, household cleaners, cosmetics, old lead paint and a wide variety of industrial products, especially fragrances and drugs.
Instead of proper protein digestion to create and build new [...]

Mar '11


Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 22:45:19 -0700
Subject: Radiation Detox Basics
From: gjlynch@wispwest.net
To: gjlynch@wispwest.net
There is more to this topic but here are some basics you should know from:
www.radiationdetox.com :
The information is from a downloadable book listed at the bottom of the article that is supposed to be available free. So far I haven’t been able to download [...]

Jul '10

Silk Worm Enzymes For Carotid Artery Blockage

Silk Worm Enzymes For Carotid Artery Blockage
Dr H. A. Nieper, Editor:
I informed you some years ago that Serrapeptase is apparently active in the cleaning of coronary arteries from occluding layers. The results are so spectacular that even Tom Valentine reported on this progress in the US (DC) press after speaking to several parties here.
Serrapeptase [...]

Jul '10

Blessed Herbs 8-Day Colon Cleanse

You know how some people will say “You’re so full of shit”?
Well, you know there’s a lot of truth to that. Physically, that is.
Day before yesterday, I posted my 2006 success about the So Easy 3-Day Colon Cleanse.
I just feel the need to do one again, and I’m kind of having a dilemma on [...]

Jul '10

Serrapeptase (Serra Enzyme™ & SerraPlus™)

Top Of The Line Systemic Enzymes (Serrapeptase, Protease, Nattokinase, etc…)
First, a little bit about Serrapeptase:
Serrapeptase digests non-living tissue (fibrosis), blood clots, cysts, and arterial plaque and inflammation in all forms.
See my topic called Fibrosis, the Enemy of Life on The Women Warriors forum, for a full explanation, plus wonderful information from Dr. William Wong.
Serrapeptase has [...]

Jun '10

So Easy 3-Day Colon Cleanse

I’m SOOOOO Ready to do this again. I did this particular one back in the summer of 2006. And then I did the Blessed Herbs Cleanse in March of 2008. I’ll post those pics next.
Scroll down below the talking lady to see the pics. Click out to see [...]