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Aug '11

Computer Crash

Well, my XP computer that I’ve had for a long time finally CRASHED. That’s right, it died totally. That’s why I haven’t blogged anything in a while here.
Got a brand new PC with Windows 7 64-bit operating system. Which most of the prior software I have isn’t compatible. Still have a [...]

May '11

Firefox Browser, Ad Blocking, Browsing, and PC Annoyances & Woes

Yes, this is a rant. I was just sitting here thinking about all the PC Woes I’ve had recently and in the past, and STILL have various issues.
The main reason I’ve always like Firefox browser is because of the add on extensions.
Especially Ad Block Pro!
I get very freaking annoyed when I use my search [...]

Aug '10

Does Anything Ever Work Properly?

Inquiring minds would LOVE to know.
No matter what I do, it’s always messed up, and NEVER works.
Does the Universe ever get enough of screwing me over? Ever?
Maybe I should walk in a forever bent over position and make it easy for them. Grrrrrrrrrr….
I’m trying to add Widgets here and get errors. Always [...]

Jul '10

Another Profile Made…

Well, it seems like because I made a comment somewhere just to make a statement/asking a question, it makes me an automatic profile.
I want to link Flickr to this blog here, and I keep getting an error on the API thing.
Enter your login details
We need your username to fetch your list [...]

Jul '10

Browser Upgrade

I finally upgraded my Internet Explorer to version 8 (IE 8).
I use Firefox for browsing, but I use IE to edit the Vaccination Liberation Exemption pages on VacLib.org and VaccineTruth.net
I really like the tabbed browsing like Firefox, and was pleased with that part.
Then the challenge came…
When I edit webpages (whether my angel site or VacLib) [...]

Jun '10

Doc2PDF Online: Convert Documents (Word, MS Publisher, Excel) to PDF for Free

Have a Word Document that needs converting?

Use PDF Online to Convert Office Documents to PDF
According to an independent test:
“Only PDF Online was smart enough to automatically figure out the proper formatting for our simple XLS test file”
PDF Service for iPhone

Jun '10

Yahoo Profile Updates

…on their end, not mine.
Yahoo Pulse is what it is called now & was updated TODAY too.
Because I was on my Yahoo profile earlier to grab the URL and display name to put on pages here.
The URL was this:
And the text description displayed as this…
Messiah Mews’s profile on Yahoo!
Now the URL is this..
Since I’m already [...]

Jun '10

Well of All Things!!!…

Thank you God!! My Digital Angel Donna DJ site, will NOW display in Firefox again!! I was ready to HURL my computer.
4 days ago, my site suddenly quit displaying in Firefox. I was getting this error…
Connection Interrupted
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
The network link was interrupted [...]

Jun '10

Comments and Other Quirky Stuff

Okay, I’m posting on the last post about Audio Support, right?
I go back and edit the post, add hyperlinks, and added one to Ricardo’s page here. Well, I update and the post is fine, but I go to the Dashboard and check comments and Akismet Stats. My post shows up as a comment.
Here’s [...]

May '10

How to Block Netflix Popup in Firefox 3.5

I’m SOOOOO tired of this shit, so I found this article and fix. Malware & spyware removal programs are no good in removing the “fuck me over” beacon signs that end up on everyone’s computers nowadays.
By e-Rambler, eHow Member
All versions of Mozilla Firefox 3.5 has a good built-in popup ads blocker. Flash popups [...]