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Jan '12

Comments On Here

Recently, I found out a real neat thing regarding comments on this blog. I CAN embed PICTURES AND VIDEOS in my comments section here.
Sort of like when we comment on Flickr.
I don’t know if it’s because of the theme, the fact that it’s on MY OWN WEBSITE or what, but I sure like it.
I [...]

Jun '10

Lightening Up on Comments Settings

Okay, I found out someone couldn’t comment on my current settings, so I went in the Discussion area and unchecked the “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” thingy.
Now, this should allow you all to make comments.
Yes, the Akismet is the total shiznit!!
Thanks for letting me know.

Jun '10

Comments and Other Quirky Stuff

Okay, I’m posting on the last post about Audio Support, right?
I go back and edit the post, add hyperlinks, and added one to Ricardo’s page here. Well, I update and the post is fine, but I go to the Dashboard and check comments and Akismet Stats. My post shows up as a comment.
Here’s [...]

Jun '10

Comments and Stuff

Lately, I’ve been getting a shitload of spam comment and yesterday, I started getting spam pingbacks. I had no idea WTF a pingback even was. :/
So I have no choice but to tweak my settings and I finally installed and activated the Akismet Spam Catcher. Akismet has caught like 5 spams in just [...]