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May '11

OMG! It Did It Again!

Sneaky Fox Tee shirt did it again!
Right after I hit publish, and view blog, the Firefox tee shirt showed up AGAIN in the random images.

I guess the Universe thinks I need a good laugh.
It’s right, I do need a good laugh.

May '11

LOL! Sneaky Little Fox…

While I was replying to a reader’s comment about Firefox, this was the image that came up in my random images thingy. The Firefocks Has Crashed Tee Shirt from LOLMart.com
Funny synchronicity…. LOL!

NOTHING is an accident anymore.
This is a close up of the graphic pic that randomly came up…

BTW, it’s not a virus, thank God. [...]

Jun '10

144 Today

Actually, tonight just a few moments ago while I was on the LOLMart Shirts Voting page.

Jun '10

144 Friends

… on MySpace.com Hahaha.
Robert finally decides to join MySpace, and when I got the notice, I quickly added.
I went into the “Change Top Friends” setting and noticed that I NOW have 144 friends.
Was even more cool that Robert is the 144th Friend. Couldn’t wait to send him the screenshot of what I was [...]