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Jan '16

How To Get Fuller Lips Instantly (CandyLipz Lip Enhancement Infomercial)

This may seem or look silly to most reading here, but I finally got to get one of these CandyLipz devices, and tried it. I can attest that it actually does work as stated.
As we age, we lose the youthful facial projection by 1 mm every decade as seen in youth.
Just like NCR pulls [...]

Feb '15

Sulfur for Beautiful Skin and Super Endurance

Sulfur for Beautiful Skin and Super Endurance
The Sulfur—Skin Color Connection
In her research, Dr. Thienna Ho discovered startling links between the body’s production of skin pigment and factors such as diet, exposure to environmental pollutants, cultural behaviors and lifestyle choices. She learned that these factors had a surprisingly greater influence on skin color than human genetics [...]