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Oct '15

Coffee Enema In A Pill

Natural Health Solutions 116
October 26, 2015

Yes, It Is Coffee – but No, You Don’t Drink It

Dear Friend,
First of all, let’s get it right out of the way… Coffee Enema?  Seriously?!
Now down to the business of it…
Historically, coffee enemas were quite common (even recorded in biblical scripts) until the early 1970s, [...]

Aug '13

Anti-Aging Seminar DVD

Al Sears, MD 11903 Southern Blvd., Ste. 208 Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411


Secret Society Of Alternative-Health Crusaders Release Underground Video Of “Hidden Cures”
Rogue MDs Reveal Explicit Details Of Cures Still Flying Under the FDA’s Radar…
Discover Them NOW While You Still Can!
I want to share a little secret with you.

Meet Al Sears, M.D. Uniquely Qualified to [...]

Jan '12

Farm Physics: A New Cure and More!

I just received David Kaas new book a few days ago and had it read in an hour and a half.
Farm Physics: A New Cure and More!
I have already been south spinning my fluids for more than 6 months now. And don’t you know that if it’s anti-aging stuff, then I’m ALL OVER IT.
The [...]

Jan '12

Telomeres and Telomerase

Articles & Research about Telomere Studies and Aging. Telomerase Enzymes Can Reset Your Biological Clock.
How does telomerase extend your life? There are caps on the end of the DNA that keep the DNA from unraveling. These caps are called telomeres; telomeres shorten will every cell division. There is a point where the telomeres disintegrate [...]

Dec '11


Something else for me to try.
The Gerovital H3 concept was introduced for the first time in 1957, in Verona, Italy, on the occasion of the 4th International Gerontology Congress. Many scientists from the USA , Germany , England, Japan, Italy, Austria and Romania have studied and confirmed the effects of the Gerovital H3 treatment suggested [...]

Jul '11

BioSil Silica Testimonies From Amazon

Lots of good reports on the BioSil brand of Silica too. I may try this brand at a later date, however I’m satisfied with what I already have.

By Salliezoo “salliezoo” (hawaii USA) – See all my reviews
This product is a miracle. My hair had been falling out in gobs and I tried everything on [...]

Jul '11

Orgono G-5 Silicum (Silica)

G5 Organic Silica (For 5 oz Silica Gel Tube ($30.00) Click Here)
5 weeks treatment. The treatment consists of taking one or two tablespoon of G5 a day for one month.
G5 Organic Silica is the only form of Silica on the market that is 95% absorbable. It is expensive, but in the case of effectiveness there [...]

Nov '10

Formula for Physical Immortality

Mentally reverse the direction of the spirals of your cells..
[link to www.itsyitsy.co.in]
Excerpts taken from Star Signs
This chapter is about destroying the deathist illusion with the enlightenment of physical immortality, through cell regeneration.
The spiral is the basic principle of nature’s law, and can be observed anywhere you look. The spiral of the conch shell. Spiral tendrils [...]

Oct '10

Master Amino Acid Pattern From Kevin

This is ALOT like the Platinum Plus Amino Acids by Doctor Vickery. For people who are eating protein, but yet are not assimilating it as they should. What I’m not sure about is if Platinum Plus compares with the 99% Nitrogen utilization, and the 1% waste generation as MAP.
We are definitely going [...]

Oct '10

Spammers Pushing Crap & Carcinogenic Products

I was in the Dashboard deleting the spam contents, and one of the comments was at least relevant to the post subject, which is usually never. Sometimes I’ll do a quick check on the website, just to check out a product that I could possibly be interested in.

First I put the website in a [...]