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Digital Angel Donna DJ

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Digital Angel Donna DJ



Digital Angel Donna Dj


Jack of all Trades. Master of some.

former co-director and and now an activist with Vaccination Liberation, helped update exemption webpages by basic HTML.

Health Consultant

Bedroom DJ – Have released mixed sets for download.

Office Admin work.

Specialties: Holistic and Alternative Health. DJ mixing, basic HTML webwork. Making orgone (when I feel like it). Usually buy from vendor

Summary List…

- DJ, and mixing music
- Basic Application of health products, supplements, herbs, homeopathics
- Anti-aging (from a natural and non invasive approach)
- Health consulting (from Healthy World Affiliates)
- Medical Intuitive from a Holistic standpoint
- Orgone Gifting and applications
- Network Marketing
- Fashion Modeling (in my early days)
- Empath
- Basic knowledge of cosmetic lasers (know names & what each laser is indicated for)
- Whole Foods and Nutrition
- Working with several affiliate programs (mostly health oriented products and music)
- Crowdsourcing
- Basic HTML
- Pay per click (PPC)
- Blogging & Forum Posting
- Recently attended & completed ONE Basic Live Seminar of Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™) (June 8th and 9th, 2014)
- Currently studying ABC™ Core Curriculum Training Program (Home Course) (Ongoing)

Digital Angel Donna Dj


Digital Angel Donna DJ Mixes | Bringing You The Best In House, Trance & Dance Music

House Music

DADDJ – 4shared user page

DigitalAngelDonnaDJ – House-Mixes.com

Digital Angel Donna DJ – Free listening, concerts, stats, & pictures at Last.fm

MessiahMews’s Music Profile – Users at Last.fm

MessiahMews’s sounds on SoundCloud – Create, record and share your sounds for free


Global Deejays 2015 Mix

Global Deejays Mix by DigitalAngelDonnaDJ on House-Mixes.com


Etheric Warriors :: Viewing profile – Lolly_Parham6cb

The Women Warriors :: Index – Look for MessiahMews (mostly in Health & Wellness)


Vaccination Liberation

VaccineTruth.net – Vaccine Exemptions

DonnaCarrillo | Scribd


Pages with different product links and affiliates links.

My Products Page on Angel Site

Healthy World Affiliates – This is new link in place of using Oxysilver.com

Stop All Tickets In The Mail !“New ‘High-Capacity’ Solar Generator Designed For Industrial, Military And Medical Use… Perfect Backup Power For The Ultimate Disaster Or Emergency Situation!”

Oasis Advanced Wellness
They have good health products and supplements. Pay commissions via pay pal.


Listing what I know are the best ones. Pay on time, have tier options, best products, easy to use, etc…

They are sort of like MLM, but without all the MLM requirements BS such as monthly quotas, fees, frontloading, etc… There are never any requirements to buy in order to get paid, like MLMs.

Attention Girls! Sign Up For The CANDYLIPZ Affiliate Program! Receive 15% of Sales! Mostly for women, but men use the product too. Increase the size your lips using ancient Chinese cupping method. Join CandyLipz Generous Affiliate program, and earn money by helping others achieve beautiful full lips!

Superman Herbs
Two-tier and pay commissions vis pay pal.

Life Enthusiast
Sell mostly health related products, supplements, equipment, etc…
Is a two-tier program. They have a be paid by PayPal Option.

Good Health Affiliate
Known for their strong serrapeptase enzyme products. Have many other supplements too, including some of the LL’s Magnetic Clay Baths.
Two-tier program, and pay commissions via Pay Pal.
When asked who referred you, please put ID# 1448

How Can I Earn More Money? – By promoting the Phantom Plate Affiliate Program you can earn second tier commissions. For each Affiliate that joins under your name, you get a second tier commission off of all their sales. As an example, suppose you promote our affiliate program by displaying a link on your web site. Suppose Jennifer comes along, follows your link and joins our affiliate program. Because Jennifer came from your site, you will now get Tier 2 commissions off of all sales made from Jennifer’s site!

Summary of Your Commission Rates

Per Sale Commissions
Tier 1 80.00%
Tier 2 2.50%
Tier 3 1.50%
Tier 4 1.00%

Per Click Commissions
Tier 1 $0.05
Tier 2 $0.00
Tier 3 $0.00
Tier 4 $0.00


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messiahmews – Gravatar Profile

Cheezburger.com – All your funny in one place. – MessiahMews

Blogger: User Profile: MessiahMews

Messiah Mews – Google Profile

Digital Angel Donna DJ’s Profile – Windows Live
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AdlandPro Community

Goodreads | Messiahmews – Mead, WA (23 books)


Flickr: MessiahMews Photostream

Shareapic MessiahMews

Pictures by MessiahMews – Photobucket


The Second Sun (Mix 1)

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