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These are all on their separate pages on here, so they each click out to their own page.

#01 (2006) Erotic HouseMix

#02 (2006) Winter Blast!

#03 (2007) Soul Love

#04 (2007) GET UP And DANCE

#05 (2007) Soul Pressure

#06 (2007) Love For The Warriors

#07 (2007) Weekend Mix Vol. 1

#08 (2007) Galaero Mix

#09 (2007) Wings

#10 (2007) Rock The Casbah Mashup Mix

#11 (2008) New Years Kickoff 2008

#12 (2008) The Insomnia Mix

#13 (2008) Mid-Spring Flingfest 2008

#14 (2008) Summer Sizzle 2008

#15 (2008) SUMMER SUN

#16 (2008) New Years 2009 Kickoff House Mix

#17 (2009) Club Mixes Vol 1

#18 (2009) Club Mixes Vol 2

#20 (2010) Bright Light Survival I & II

#21 (2012) Club Mixes Volume 3 in 528

#22 (2015) Global Deejays Mix

Note: Please support these artists that bring you these excellent arrangements and productions. These mixes are not for sale or re-sale and are published here for promotional purposes only.

If you like them, you are welcome to post these on your sites, youtube, etc… I greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your support and most of all… ENJOY!

Other DJ’s:

The JR Project

WARNING TO THOSE WHO WANT TO USE MY MIXES FOR WRONGDOING: Please understand, these mixed are created for the highest good of everyone and with my prayers always.

The energies, and intents of these mixes can NOT be “hi-jacked,” or used for YOUR OWN, MISGUIDED SELFISH, Applications, purposes, for evil or controlling of anything or snaring anyone. This means “those women” who may try to use these mixes in order to hijack the love vibe to steal someone else’s man, husband, soulmate/twinsoul/brother/father or whosoever loved one. This is ESPECIALLY for those who try to interfere to steal MY man, such as my husband. And/Or also my other dear male friends/family. If anyone tries that on another (my loved ones & friends) or myself, with any my mixes, please be advised of the rebound effect and prepare to QUICKLY receive unto yourself, what you intended to do; such as your own relationship (stolen or not) and work being hi-jacked, or you and your situations being controlled by others. I won’t have anything to do with it–it will simply be YOUR OWN wrong intents manifesting (instant karma payback) and coming back to you. This protection and rebound effect, was built into all these mixes & mp3 files during their creation, and by my heartfelt prayers which will automatically cover you in Christ’s light.

Once again, YOU ARE the one responsible for the FAST rebound of ANY misguided, low level intents and negative frequencies coming back upon you, your relationship and your projects~~ if you try a negative manifestation—-YOU will have done that to yourself. You have been hereby WARNED.


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