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IntraMAX, IntraMIN & IntraKID

I haven’t seen anything better than IntraMax. I’ve tried and used several liquid vitamins, minerals and supplements.

This is costly, so this is an every other day one for me. I take the GBG or Veruni for everyday, to make them all last longer.

The most scientifically advanced, clinically proven, health promoting organic nutritional supplement available today!

An all-in-one multivitamin and much more.

Contains more than 70 trace mineral, along with other health promoting Superfoods, totaling over 415 essential organic micro-complexed nutrients in each bottle.

This beats them all hands down.

There’s also a companion IntraMIN and an IntraKID (for children)

Intramax is the groundbreaking supplement which contains 100% carbon-bond organic trace minerals and nutrients, 415 nutrients to be exact not including the 71 organic trace minerals, 49 super green foods and 12 essential fatty acids. Intramax came about after a quote from Linus Pauling, the two time Nobel prize recipient which stated “Every ailment, every sickness, and every disease can be traced back to an organic mineral deficiency” . This quote got Dr Drucker thinking and after countless hours of combing over the presentations which Linus Pauling gave to congress and also many years of intense study in the benefits of organic carbon, alternative therapies, homeopathic remedies and nutritional medicine. All of this information led to the development of intraCELL V technology, which goes into intramax, intramin and intrakid.

So what is IntraCELL V I hear you asking. IntraCELL V came about as a result of over 20 years of research, testing, analysis, development and more testing. It’s main aim is the maximize the intra-cellular and extra-cellular detoxification and to infuse nutrients into the cell at a rapid rate. IntraCELL V Technology is made up of three possesses.
The body requires organic trace minerals just as much as water and air! In the past this has never been a problem as all the food which is produced contains organic trace minerals but in the last 30 years commercial farming (toxic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides added to crops and soil to increase yield) has destroyed the majority of organic trace minerals in the soil, so we are at a stage where over 90% of the worlds population is deficient in organic trace minerals. In the document which was presented to the US Senate it stated the “…inorganic toxic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides have destroyed nearly all the critical organic minerals, elements and complexes in our soils. A marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals compromises health” *. The main difference in the approach Intramax is taking starts with the word “Organic”. This doesn’t mean to the popular and commercial term meaning without the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides etc. Instead the word Organic when used with Intramax referrers to the true scientific sense to descried trace minerals that contain living carbon. It has been proven in countless studies that without 100% carbon-bond organic minerals those vitamins and other nutrients are much less effective. Many supplements currently on the market do contain trace minerals but these supplements don’t contain the amount of trace minerals to sustain our bodies. IntraMAX is the only product, which offers true 100% carbon-bond organic trace minerals and nutrients *US Senetate documant 264

Click here for the comprehensive list of IntraMAX ingredients

[PDF] IntraMAX Label

Watch The YouTube video on intraMAX Technology:

You can get it from one of these vendors below (including Amazon Options):


  • IntraMAX®
  • $80.00
  • [Learn More]
  • IntraMAX® is a completely organic liquid vitamin and mineral supplement containing over 415 nutrients. IntraMAX® is derived from ultra dissolved, organically complexed trace minerals and completely natural and organic plant sources.



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