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Trans D Tropin

Trans-D Tropin is an analogue of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) that stimulates the pituitary to produce and release more of our own HGH. In other words, it stimulates our own body’s production of Human Growth Hormone in a pulsatile manner at every application time during the day.

These are transdermal amino acids that are needed for you to produce YOUR OWN. With hormones, the key is ALWAYS something to enable you to get your own glands working.

What are some of the Benefits of Trans-D Tropin®?

Doctors and Patients report the following:

Reduced duration of sleep with improved quality and more restful sleep due to increased REM sleep
Decrease in wrinkles and redundant (loose,saggy) skin with improved facial and body contour
Faster healing and quicker recovery after physical exertion, acute injuries, and after surgical procedures
Decreased body fat with improved body contour
Increase in lean body (muscle) mass
An improved and youthful appearance
Increase in physical strength and performance
Decreased recovery time after athletic events
Improved stamina and endurance
Increased desire for protein and water
Reduction in chronic pain from old injuries
Decrease in anxiety, stress and depression
Decrease in occurrence of general illness
Improved and strengthened immune system
Renewed interest in sex with increase in libido.
Enhanced sexual performance and ability
Improved overall health with a significant increase in general sense of well-being

Why Use Trans-D Tropin®?

For the Best Possible Quality of Life!

Trans-D Tropin® is the only treatment shown to increase endogenous Human Growth Hormone (hGH your own body
creates), while consistently decreasing IGF levels.

IGF s are related to increased cellular proliferation, suppression of apoptosis and increased cancer risk. -Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol 92, No. 18, Sept. 20, 2000

Insulin and cortisol (pro-inflammatory molecules) are associated with accelerated aging. Trans-D Tropin® has been shown in multiple clinical trials to rapidly and consistently decrease the levels of both these pro-inflammatory aging substances.

Perhaps not everyone wants to live beyond 100 years of age, but all of us would like to have the best possible quality of life, for as long as we do live.

Reduce the effects of aging
Improve your athletic performance
If these are your goals, then
Trans-D Tropin® is your Only Effective, Natural Choice

Trans D Tropin PDF files:

[PDF] Trans-D Tropin® Study
[PDF] Trans-D Tropinо
[PDF] Human Growth Hormone and Using Trans-D Tropin
[PDF] Trans-D Tropin Clinical Study
[PDF] Preliminary results for the Trans-D Tropin study{
[PDF] Trans-D Tropin®
[PDF] Andropause

Trans-D Tropin Protocols:

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DVD Online for Free Page

Science of TDT

Trans-D Tropin® has been available since 1999 through select physican offices. For those who take a proactive interest in their health, we are proud to introduce, Trans-D Tropin-I® directly through this website.

Trans-D Tropin DVD
9 Steps DVD
Dr. Buttar’s Free Medical Secrets Audio Series

Trans-D Tropin

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