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Amega Wand: Usage & Benefits

The wand is filled with a special combination of granulated minerals processed using proprietary AMized Fusion Technology® to resonate at Zero Point Energy. This helps the body source the universal life force energy which our body needs.

Usage of AMwand:

1. To discharge energy blockages in our body
2. To clear the distortions in our Bio energetic field
3. Facilitate the body’s (self) healing
4. To energize the foods and liquids thereby increasing potency
5. On pets and plants to supplement energy deficiency
6. To balance & energize the body imbalances
7. To help others from aches, pains and other ailments
8. To energize the environment in which we live

Amega AMWand benefits:

1. Helps our body to obtain homeostasis condition
2. Help our body’s bio energetic field to source Zero Point Energy
3. Relieves us of pain, discomfort and supports healing
4. Energizes the liquid we drink, and food we eat by increasing the potency
5. Neutralizes the harmful elements (energetically) from the liquid we drink, and the food we eat
6. Energizes creams, oils for better absorption of nutrients
7. Facilitates and strengthens the flow of energy in our body
8. Unblocks and strengthens the flow of energy in our body
9. Stimulates bodily functions and strengthens immunity

How to Use:

* Point the AMWand and rotate clockwise 3,9,18 times
* For more effectiveness, point as close as possible,
* You can also stir liquids with AMwand (with proper hygiene)
* Use the AMWand on face to rejuvenate the skin
* Use the Amwand to Energize your food and water
* Press and rotate at least 3 times on all finger and toe tips to unblock energy blockages

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