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Amega Zero Point Products

Amega Zero Point Products

The Amega Zero Point Field wand, bracelets, pendants, DNA crystals, and other products are ENERGIZED from the Unified Field with a radiation that is tangible and produces quick beneficial results all the time, every time, for everyone.


From Roberta Ludlow: “I received my wand this last Wednesday & my husband Carl is the worst skeptic there is on things like this. He has had back pain for 40+ years due to a drunk driver rear ending him. He refused surgery and they told him you will have to learn to live with the pain. We have tried everything we could find but nothing worked. When the wand arrived last Wednesday, I immediately used it on his back for about 10 minutes. He has no more pain, None!! Talk about a happy camper. He is elated to say the least. I used it on my shoulder which has been hurting for about 3 years and the pain was gone in about 2 minutes.”

We wand everything in sight now!!! My plants, all our food, water & snacks. It goes to the restaurant with us. We will never be without it. Our water tastes so much better. I even rotated the wand over my grapefruit this AM. WOW is all I can say. I never ate grapefruit without sugar. I have to say this was the sweetest one I have ever eaten. We are using it on our eyes, in fact there is not a part of our bodies that we have not used the wand on”

You could take every herb, every plant, every medicine, every supplement, every device, every food, and every liquid on Earth … and spend years making cases for why they’re so good — they do this, they do that. But if they’re merely monodimensional, it doesn’t matter WHAT is in them or WHERE they come from — they won’t do very much. Only when a physical object is EMPOWERED, CHARGED, and ENLIVENED DIRECT FROM SOURCE does it then REALLY COME ALIVE with the MULTI-dimensional ENERGY. Precisely HOW to deliver THAT is the secret that the Amega scientists have discovered.


“I just wanted to drop a line about the Amega Wand. A few days after you sent me the information on it, a friend of mine in Canada told me about it and had it used on her body. She also had it used on her pet dog.

She called me the day after and told me that the results were incredible. Her arthritic hands were not sore anymore, and her dog’s condition improved as well. Her dog has a bad hip, and it only could use one leg when squatting to go to the bathroom. After being wanded, the dog has now reverted to using both legs to relieve itself.

I was very excited to hear about these success stories and I am sure there will be more. I would like to get a wand and learn more about it and how to use it.” – Tony Warminski

Please listen up intently, and prepare to have your reality shift. Recorded phone conference explains who it works.

Zero Point Field Wands are creating instant and dramatic effects!

If you prefer to listen to a LIVE call and ask questions, call any of these:

Twice daily Monday thru Thursday at 12:00 noon and 6:00 PM U.S. Pacific (California) Time
The number is 218-862-7200, Conference ID: 387043


Check out these videos about Amega Products:

Strength Test Demo of AMpendant with cell phone:

Far Infrared, what does it do? Found in Amega Bio Energy pendant

This is a networking company – you can only buy as a member. To sign up and place your order, go to:

http://recoverhealth.amega.gss.us/ and click on "Enroll" at the top. Then follow the steps …
If you have any questions, call us at 800-434-8388

AMEGA CORPORATE VIDEO – about the business

“I heard a testimony last night where a mechanic who had Tourette’s syndrome was spasming all over with head, arms, and whole body. He could not keep his body still and these are involuntary movements. He was wanded for about 10′ and all symptoms stopped soon after wanding. This has not occurred in years.”

Instant Effect of Amega Bracelet to Cardiac Arrest Patient:

“2 surgeons who heard about this are going to be on the call next week sometime. This should not be possible but it happened. There were 300 people on the call last night. There was a fellow on one of the calls from Seattle who had rheumatoid arthritis so bad that he was on $3000 a month of medications! He was wanded for 15′ and went from a 5-6 on the pain scale of 10 to a 0. He no longer limped as he had been from the pain earlier. I believe he said he is to weaning himself off all meds. WOW!” ~ Richard

Strength and levitation effect with Zero Point Energy charged water – filmed in Philippines:

Dear Friends:

Ever since Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla brought breakthroughs in physics and free energy technologies 100 years ago, advanced Unified Field based inventions have been created. But not until now have they been released beyond the monopolization of the dark elite. Now companies like Amega Global are coming out with interdimensional superconducting devices that restore the alignment, harmony, synchrony, and resonance between the Zero Point Field — Universal Source — and anything that they come near.

Results include instant disappearance of pain — even long-standing pain — and restoration of the body’s ability to heal itself of anything. To healers I say, you could start vastly accelerating the speed of recovery for everyone you influence, really helping people beyond anything ever before.

The conference calls describe recent experiences of bodies wracked with pain, for months or years, suddenly finding the pain level falling to "undetectable" within 2 or 3 minutes. Eyesight restored. Fatigue, stress, and tiredness suddenly gone and replaced by marathon-like energy. Even a levitation-like effect from four people lifting one person with their fingers from the chair because of the magnetic field set up by their Amega bracelets. All kinds of things are happening. Never have any of us seen something spread so fast.

While the Wand has been getting most of the attention, Amega also has DNA crystals, which dissolve in water or juice and pioneer a new field in science — epigenetics — nutrition which activates genetic potential in the DNA. Amega’s "Dynamic Nutrition Alternative (DNA)" TURNS ON over 200 genes responsible for regenerating cells and strengthening immunity.

Then there is the Natural Brine — a mixture of Zero Point Field energized water and Himalayan Crystal Salt, which naturally contains 84 trace minerals. Soil depletion is one of the main concerns of nutritionists who are telling us that our food is lacking in nutrients, and minerals are what’s missing. Farmers add just one mineral to the soil, nitrogen, but what about the other 83? This amazing product doesn’t just contain 84 trace minerals. It’s also energized with AMized Fusion Technology, Amega’s proprietary energization process. [This one is a bit of a laugh to me - Himalayan Salt brine - get a kilo of the salt and wand it yourself ...]

Amega has Zero Point Field Amized Fusion Technology "Wands", far infrared radiance and magnetic field resonance bracelets and pendants, Zero Point Field charged water machines and essential oils, Nutrigenetics-empowered water crystals that restore the original DNA purity and perfection, and more on the way.

I HAVE FELT the Zero Point Field energy from the wands and bracelets of various friends … and it is phenomenal! For example, in the flexibility test where you hold your thumb at arm’s length out front and rotate clockwise around as far as you can go, after putting the bracelet on, I could go a FULL TWO FEET FARTHER. We just can’t understand how it happens so instantly …

Dave Runnels, in Rainier, Washington, 64, taught Vipassana Meditation in Thailand for several years. Recently he has had lower back pain for years. The Amega Wand reminded the lower back that it came from Source. He was ridded of that, pretty much in one day, after the wand reminded him. Now he can bend, sit, walk, and lift things — all without pain. He did construction work recently around his gorgeous forest home, and where he used to get tired quickly and need a nap, now with the Amega DNA crystals, he can work all day with extra energy. He needs less sleep, is eating less, and has more energy.

What is auspicious about Amega is that those in the spiritual sciences — natural healing, preventive medicine, health spas, religious ministries, charitable foundations, humanitarian projects, teachers of meditation and yoga, counseling, channeling, growth therapies, psychic services, metaphysical teachings, etc. etc., can integrate Amega perfectly in with whatever else they are already doing. It fits in neatly with already existing ascension and higher consciousness work.

"The wand does not do the healing. The wand is a reminder tool to awaken the body to the body’s own divine healing energy. It’s always the body that does the healing."

AMWand aka Amega Wand on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
Amega Site

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