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Jalapenos don’t lie

—–Original Message—–
From: “Stan Hamilton”
To: “**Roberto Carrillo”
Subject: Jahapenos don’t lie
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2010 12:39:28 -0400

Hi Roberto,

Marilyn and I have quietly been conducting a couple of experiments, using the same exact methods that would be done in a laboratory with plants, to prove once and for all, that energy does indeed, come out of the end of the AMwand. We’ve been using the AMwand, made by Amega Global, LLC now for about two months and have been using the AMwand on ourselves, relatives, friends,our pets, other’s pets and strangers with consistent success in eliminating pain or discomfort in varying degrees within just a few minutes.

Most people, including even the ones who benefited from the use of the AMwand, have naturally entertained some doubts about this unusual process, thinking that it is possible that they were susceptible to the “placebo effect” (the power of suggestion) and that is what is actually going on. I can appreciate that the placebo effect is powerful and has been the cause of many scams and hoaxes being perpetuated and research has shown that @ 37% of the population is susceptible to this placebo effect. This is why we wanted to create some experiments that would prove once and for all, that the AMwand is real, that it emits zero point energy and that it works.

This first experiment is titled: “Jalapenos don’t lie”. We purchased two identical plant trays, one bag of potting soil and one small bag of Jalapeño seeds. We filled each tray with an equal amount of potting soil, inserted and equal number of holes in the potting soil to place the Jalapeño seed and the same depth of about 1/2 inch. We placed the trays outside by our privacy fence for full sunlight.

The Jalapeño seed packet stated that it takes nine days to sprout. Today is the ninth day and yesterday, neither tray had shown any sprouting. I watered each tray with equal amounts of water once a day. The water was city water, the same amount in each tray and the only difference is that the one glass of water was wanded with the AMwand for two minutes and the other glass of water was applied as is. Marilyn and I were determined that this experiment would be accurate and reliable for our own peace of mind as well as our loved ones.

The test has been an astounding success! I took photos of each tray this morning, the 9th day after planting. We will continue taking photos, perhaps once a week and continue with this experiment to see what the difference will be as time goes on, at least until the plants are too large for these trays and they have to be transplanted.

The implications of this test:

1. The AMwand does in fact, work as described on switching on the cellular structures “healing ability” for humans, animals and plants with this “life force energy”.
2. The city water that was wanded in this test experiment was changed by this energy and stimulated the growth and wellbeing of the Jalapenos and infers that the value of one using this AMwand for all food and liquids consumed would be enhanced.
3. Jalapenos don’t lie. There is no placebo effect or hoax or scam in the use and effectiveness of the AMwand; it has proved it’s value.
4. Case closed.

Look closely at the above potting soil, the unwanded Jalapeño seeds are barely sprouting on the left; the wanded Jalapeño seeds are 4 or 5 times larger on the right.

Best Wishes, Stan Hamilton
P.S. I’m attaching a high res of each photo for you to print
if desired.

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