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Ringing Cedars Series

There is so much mind-blowing material in these books it’s almost impossible to give a simple overview! What we can tell you is this… This real-life story begins in 1995… a trader prepares his ships to embark on the most remarkable trip of his life – a trip that will change the course of millions of human lives. Ahead of him lies the mighty Ob River – winding and snaking for 3,500 miles through the Siberian taiga – the vast boreal forest – that stretches across Northern Europe, Alaska and Canada.

A warning! Nothing you have ever read before can prepare you for the journey you are about to take. You are about to meet Anastasia – a beautiful young woman – discovered by the author, living alone deep in the remote wild forests of Siberia. She is considered to be a surviving member of an ancient Vedic civilisation whose extraordinary powers and knowledge far exceed anything known today.

Anastasia’s powerful, myth-shattering messages reveal a profound wisdom grounded in ancient knowledge; they expose suppressed secrets and hidden historical facts that will completely change your understanding of our past, and offer a whole new paradigm for our planet’s future. Anastasia will lift you up and hurl you into a future that is… well… everything you imagined life could and certainly should be! The twist is… it’s here NOW!

Anastasia will have you dancing with delight and squealing with excitement as you re-discover YOU… in all your glory! Anastasia’s messages will simply blow your mind! Her soft-spoken words go straight to your heart – like nothing you have ever read! And the more you read them… the better you’ll feel. Anastasia will restore your hope for the future and re-ignite your passion for life. After reading these books – nothing will be quite the same.

The Ringing Cedars Series – Complete Set

Book 1: Anastasia

Book 2: The Ringing Cedars of Russia

Book 3: The Space of Love

Book 4: Co-creation

Book 5: Who Are We?

Book 6: The Book of Kin

Book 7: The Energy of Life

Book 8.1: The New Civilisation

Book 8.2: Rites of Love

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