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Organic Acres

Organic Acres is like no garden you’ve ever seen before.


The product is US based, but you can earn just as much internationally as a basic member at $15 a month. It has not launched yet, but is very unique and is growing like crazy.

You can earn by referring people to this new program for free.


You can choose to lease and have access to your own 240 or 120 square foot Organic Garden 24/7 from the comfort of your own living room through the magic of the computer.

You can tell your own personal gardener what favorite products you wish to plant.

The only thing you will miss is that pungent compost odor that wafts through your garden.

You will have an expert gardener assigned to till, plant, hoe, and harvest your crops for you.

You can then choose to sell all or a portion of your crops in our farmers market, have all or a portion of your crops shipped direct to your house for dinner or give all or a portion of your crops to feed the hungry. All of this will be handled for you by the expert staff at Organic Acres.

All of your crops will use only products certified as organic by the USDA and all of your crops will be guaranteed.

Let me say again you have never seen anything like this! Organic Acres has created the ultimate way to obtain verifiably organically raised foods for you and your family and have it shipped fresh to your door for a price that you won’t believe.

Think of it this way, if you owned your own organic farm, you and your family would eat the best foods for FREE.

Because you sold the rest of the crop and covered your expenses. Can you see how this niche will succeed?

You can get Free food and earn from others that you have introduced to Organic Acres.

Pre-Register at http://myorganicacres.com/index.php?id=3900

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