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Alex Chiu Eternal Life Rings

Eternal Life Rings are the creation of inventor and researcher Alex Chiu. Eternal Life Rings are unique, patented magnetic rings which based on research and many, many testimonials received over the years, are believed to slow and even reverse the effects of aging. Based on magnetic polarization, utilize MCAT™ to help users become younger and regain youthful vitality. E-Mags™, based on proprietary MCAT™, strengthen, focus, and improve magnetic flux throughout the human body. Inventor Chiu’s breakthrough utilizes pairs of magnets, positioned with correct orientation, at specific points along the meridians of the human body. Pairs of Eternal Life Rings placed at these strategic locations create a balanced magnetic flux throughout the body which works to stimulate and focus the flow of Chi, moving it along with greatly improved efficiency.

* Encourage smoother circulation and help the metabolism to become stronger
* Help regain youthful vigor and appearance
* Are believed to slow the aging process at a systemic level

Alex Chiu Immortality Magnetic Finger White Rings — Regular Strength

Alex Chiu Neodymium Magnetic Finger Black Rings — Stronger Strength (for older folks, but younger folks can start with these too.)

Alex Chiu Neodymium Alex Chiu’s Foot Braces and Neodymium Rings Set – 1 Pair of Foot Braces and 1 Pair of Rings(black) — Best Buy


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