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Jan '17

Vaccines Revealed Starts TOMORROW!!

Vaccines Revealed Starts TOMORROW!

Plus your last sneak peek video:

We’re getting excited. Can you hear the drum roll?

Vaccines Revealed Starts TOMORROW!!

LAST SNEEK PEAK: What will our next generation of children be like if we continue the rising trend of giving kids more and more vaccinations: Docu-series starts tomorrow Jan 10th .

Sign up to watch free: https://at119.isrefer.com/go/eg/MessiahMews/
Help us spread the word by becomming an affiliate: https://at119.isrefer.com/go/egaff/MessiahMews/

First of all, Vaccines Revealed has just wrapped up last minute filming with special guest interview, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. As many of you know he is involved with the documentary film “Trace Amounts”.

Vaccines Revealed will be releasing a FREE viewing of Trace Amounts added to one of their episode days. This is huge!

Vaxxed, the documentary film, has is contributing a 20 minute version of their film that will be exclusively shown during the Vaccines Revealed Launch.

And, that’s not all:

Vaccines Revealed is pleased to announce that the World Premier of “Vaccine Syndrome” will be shown exclusively during the 9 day series. This movie will change how you look at how we treat our military. If you know anyone who has served our country, you MUST share this program with them. They absolutely have to see this world release film.

This is Brought to you FREE during the Vaccines Revealed docu-series from January 10th – 18th.

There are different episodes every day, and you won’t want to miss a single one.

Thank you for supporting us in this important cause.

Here’s your 4th and final sneak peek video!

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