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Feb '15

Support GMO Labeling T-Shirt

Block and Censor this FB Nazi Dipshits!

Help support GMO labeling with this exclusive new GMO labeling t-shirt by Natural Society! Proceeds from these limited designs go towards fighting for labeling around the nation!

Read more: http://naturalsociety.com/product/support-gmo-labeling-t-shirt/

Product Description
Now is the time to label GMOs! Help join the fight with your purchase of the exclusive new GMO Labeling T-Shirt by Natural Society.

For years we have campaigned for the labeling of genetically modified ingredients, launching numerous public awareness campaigns that have lead to millions worldwide learning about the reality behind genetically engineered ingredients and additives.

Hundreds of thousands of social media shares and millions of views later, we now face a deciding time when it comes to the fate of our food supply.

Will we reclaim our crops from biotech companies that seek to monopolize the industry away from independent farmers, or will we let contamination and acquisition by the mega GMO firms launch our food supply into a state of disrepair?

Join us in pushing for the labeling of GMOs, and ultimately removing their presence from the food chain with this new limited Natural Society GMO Labeling T-Shirt — with profits supporting Natural Society’s message of natural health and organic farming in the process!