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Feb '12

Knowledge is Power (FBI warns of threat from sovereigns)

The authorities are targeting freedom lovers by building stories around isolated incidences and skewing the facts to make a case for going after those who are not COMPLIANT with all federal mandates and dictates. The mainstream media paints ALL sovereigns as “EXTREMISTS” as part of their Orwellian double speak. This email serves as a warning for the coming crack down on those who don’t particularly comply with what the Bible calls the “Harlot of Harlots” or “Mystery Babylon.” The bible gives strong admonishment to “Come out of Her My People” (referencing the commercial economic system and all it’s contracts). My opinion, time for freedom is growing very short. If a war or false flag happens (like 911), the door will be open for the implementation of martial law and massive physical enslavement/takeover. Let this serve as warning for those who enjoy our rapidly fleeting FREEDOMS. Read the link below to see what the news media and authorities are saying about this subject recently in Reuters.


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