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Jan '12

Joe Weider’s 5-Minute Body Shaper (Vintage)

Oh boy! I finally have a complete 5 Minute Body Shaper Kit, including the manual book with a very young Arnold.

I have my old incomplete one, but half of it is with a generic rope from another unnamed brand. I bought it in the 70s and loved it even back then.

I tried last year bidding on a Vintage set, only to lose. I won’t do eBay unless I can click the “Buy Now” button.

They do have newer models of the same thing by other brands on eBay. They’re not too hard to find.

You see? I’m stuck in the house and we can’t afford a gym membership right now. So what’s a gal to do?

The answer is there are MANY various equipments that can be bought for home use.

They are: Joe Weider 5-Minute Body Shaper, Chi Machine by Sun Ancon, A Mini Trampoline, Whole Body Vibration machine, Easy Curves gadget, Dermal Tone (for the face), Facercise by Carol Maggio, Ab Lounge, Bullworker, Ab-Lounge, and not to mention walking and dancing to all this fantastic music.

I can’t wait to get started with this completed kit with all the parts and the books, etc…

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