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Dec '11

Beauty Spa Dream

A dream I was having this morning. I guess these things would be what I would expect in a health and beauty spa.

I was dreaming that I was waiting on my hair to be fixed and a facial including evening makeup.

The rest of the dream was in a half awake and half asleep stage, as I woke up and then thought about what they needed and was drifting back to sleep.

*NOTE: = (name censored out and not mentioned due to it beng a copyrighted word)

me: Earlier this morning I was dreaming that I went to a beauty spa where they do hair, makeup, nails, body wraps, etc…
And I was waiting to have my makeup done and my hair done
And they were complaining about they needed more biz
And I said to them, I know exactly what you need to get more biz, but you will need to invest the money for these things
I said you need the and/or the Lapex 2000 BCS machine for fat melting
That’s a BIG one, ppl will pay for that if available.
I said you could do cold laser tech and sell home units for facials
And you need microdermabrasion machines

Jairo: ah wow

me: I said beauty is only skin deep, so you need to have supplementation available because we need the minerals, proteins, enzymes, essential fatty acids to rebuild our bodies
I was just going on and on about what all they needed
I said, if you do ALL of these things, then you’ll be number #1 in this town.

me: Oh, I said you need some WBV and chi machines, because there will be some ppl who are chronic fatigued and also have some sort of disability
And I said your makeup you do facials with needs to be mineral makeup

me: And I said you all need to be associated with someone that does NCR, because you will help more ppl’s health by referring them to a natural doctor or chiropractor that can straighten out their structure which is the basis of all health and even beauty.

me: and I said, you need educational materials to educate ppl on what they should and should not have.
Like David Kaas Farm Physics, Carole Maggio’s Facercise and no Lipo Lipo
Books about pharma drugs and vaccines
CDs and DVDs of presentations on these different things
I mean I was going on and on and on in this dream

Jairo: wow you indeed were

me: It’s called being a health consultant. lol
I mean there’s spas and things around here and they don’t have all this stuff
except the one does have a microdermabrasion machine

Jairo: omg microdermabrasion is basic
thats here everywhere

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