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Sep '11

Moving, Cleaning Out Junk, Going Through Stuff, Throwing Away Stuff.

We’ve been going through alot of boxes of stuff.

Clothing, books, dishes, papers, pictures, computer stuff, you name it.

While going through a box of books, I found some of my daughter’s childhood books.

It brought back memories of her childhood, and the memories of me reading to her. She always loved the Dooly and the Snortsnoot book, and would choose it most of the time.

The Little House was a book that I read when I was a child too.

Regards moving, we have most of our things in the new place. We still have a few things at the old place while we’re cleaning up. EVERYTHING will be out Monday, and beginning Tuesday, I can start unpacking at the new place. Some things are unpacked, but the majority is still in boxes, etc… It’s going to take at least a week to get everything out and put away. And give another week to get settled and hopefully back to normal.

Yesterday morning, my hubby saw a white SUV come in the shared driveway and turn around at the neighbor’s house and leave. We have spooks checking up on us. Thank God, most of the orgone is there, and is time to start blasting some freaks. I want them all to drop dead and BURN.

1 Comment »

1 Comment » to “Moving, Cleaning Out Junk, Going Through Stuff, Throwing Away Stuff.”

  1. FLYNN Says:

    I’ve donated my children books to our local library long ago.

    Be sure to take note of vital information – time of event, license plate numbers, etc. and any fugly photos, too!