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Sep '11

Looking At Houses

Well, we found one that was nice and also reasonable and decided on it.

We’re packing right now. The first of next week, we start moing the stuff.

I have thrown away so much stuff. There’s still more to get rid of too. Robert’s still keeping too much stuff.

There’s many other houses we looked at that I didn’t post about nor post pics of. My digital camera needs a new battery to work, and I just haven’t gotten around to getting one.

The problems with so many of the other places are NUMEROUS.

Stuff like black mold, dumps, reeks of dog smell (skin oil sweat/anal glands), reeking of cigarettes, railroad tracks in driveway, other freaking ppl swooping in and taking a house AFTER the fact we appled for it (that happened TWICE), etc… The real estate up here sucks really.

There was one listed that I had looked at before online and trying to get my hubby to look at it, and he just wouldn’t. Well, we were getting down to the wire, and I found it was still available for rent, so I sent it to him again and INSISTED he call about it. We went to look at it, and there is NOTHING wrong with it. No nasty dog smell, no mold nor any other undesirables. It’s clean, and it’s more room than here. I told him, that it was the best deal and the best looking place we’ve seen thus far, of the rentals, that is.

It looks small in the pic, but it’s way bigger than it looks. It’s the way it’s laid out. It does have two loft room upstairs, and the master bedroom downstairs. So that means an office, a bedroom, and an extra bedroom for families to visit. And it’s on the same street we lived on our first year here. So that means orgone is already thrown around in the area. We just bring our cloudbuster and of course, all the inside orgone. There will be plenty of orgone left behind here for new folks that will be moving here in the future.

I hope we stay put and not have to move again any time soon. As far as I’m concerned I will stay there until I die.

Here are the only pics I found of the place. I love this place!


4 comments to “Looking At Houses”

  1. FLYNN Says:

    Yay! Congratulations! The kitchen looks nice!

  2. DADONNADJ Says:

    Thanks. I think that I can be more space compliant with this place.

    You would NOT believe the junk we’ve found and thrown out already.

    I’m talking boxes and bags of stupid stuff too.

  3. BUGGY Says:

    I LOVE IT! It’s darling :) Bug said she wants to visit Miracle and cuddle lol

  4. DADONNADJ Says:

    Thanks Buggy! Miracle would probably be kinda shy at first, cause he’s never been around any other cats before except his mother, whom he probably don’t remember anymore. lol