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Aug '11

Looking At Houses

While looking at houses, just out of curiousity, I thought I’d plug in my old address of the place I grew up in.

It recently SOLD! Had no idea it was even on the market, but I tell you what… if we were in that city and state, I would have jumped on it. After all, I grew up there and the house was comfortable then.

And I CAN NOT believe the lower pricing on houses from my old childhood town. The houses here are WAYYYYY more, and the majority of them are shit too. And the rentals here are a nightmare and wayyyyy too much for most that is listed here.

Here are pics…


2 comments to “Looking At Houses”

  1. FLYNN Says:

    That’s a nice house. And a nice single story house is “easier” to clean. The kitchen looks like ours — wooden cabinets and big tile floors.

  2. DADONNADJ Says:

    Every now and then I think about it, and always wonder who is in it, if they’re taking care of it and all.

    It’s also why I’m so picky. Having been raised in a nice house and neighborhood, settling for anything less just won’t do.

    We are running into so many situations and problems with what we are finding up here. I’m beginning to think it’s not meant for us to stay here.