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Aug '11

Computer Crash

Well, my XP computer that I’ve had for a long time finally CRASHED. That’s right, it died totally. That’s why I haven’t blogged anything in a while here.


Got a brand new PC with Windows 7 64-bit operating system. Which most of the prior software I have isn’t compatible. Still have a couple of older XP laptops though, but I like using a desktop system for home use.

Me thinks it’s just an “improved Vista” platform, except with all the crap removed that caused so many problems in Vista.

Overall, I like it, but still some quirky stuff about it that’s totally different. Will take getting used to though.

Am going to have to spend my DJ money on a decent backup battery/surge protector, because these cheap ass things from Staples, Office Depot, etc.. DO NOT protect the computer against power surges, which is what pretty much did my old computer in.

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1 Comment » to “Computer Crash”

  1. FLYNN Says:

    Yeah, I miss my XP computer and it’s good that you got a new one. Mine cost around $300 refurbished. With the Windows 7 64-bit OS, some of my old applications didn’t work or needed a “driver/update”. Those were still good, too, but will never be the same.