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Jul '11

Looking At Houses

Even the green one that I don’t like would STILL be too much monthly.

Back to the drawing board…

However, tomorrow we’re still going to be looking at the one that is laid out like the blue one, that I posted earlier. The property management said that it’s not on the market, but online it’s listed on the market.

I’m so tired of liars and people jerking us around.

So now we’re back to looking at Century 21 again.

Found this one that is apparently being remodeled. Another A-Frame. It has more room than that first one we looked at which was a rental. I like the feel of it in the pics, but I have to actually go and look at it and BE IN IT to know if it’s right or not.

The main things are:

1. It HAS to have a well (not treated city water)
2. And that they are indeed replacing the siding.

It’s a good price for water frontage. Just right under $100,000.

Pluses: DSL would be freaking awesome!

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