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Jul '11

Looking At Houses

Well, the blue one is going to be more payment than we can swing per month. Ugh.

So yesterday, we get told one price and then today, it’s $7,000 higher than what was quoted yesterday.

And Robert was like the green one is a back up plan and I said IT IS TOO SMALL! The green one I DO NOT WANT. It’s not fugs or anything, but it’s too small. I like that separator wall between the kitchen and the living room. Then they suggested that a wall could be put up and I was like yeah, and my back up against the wall when trying to eat at that island breakfast bar. Never mind the fact that I wouldn’t have the extra cabinets. And putting a wall there, also would make the living room a glorified hallway. UGHHHHH.

And then there’s the problem of NO LINEN closet in the master bath, as the cat can open up the cabinets and get on the towels and such. We already have to put our towels and rags in a plastic container to keep the hairy ass cat off of them.


I found a similar home to the blue one for rent online, but it’s also on the market. I looked at the pics and I was noticing that it was the same floor plan as the blue one, save an extra bedroom. Same layout in the master bedroom bath, with the garden tub, closet, sink, etc…

Same setup in the kitchen with the wall, except the ceiling and window over the sink is a little more fancier.

Extra bedroom, but also $15,000 less, than the brand new blue one.

7 acres compared to 4 acres which the blue one would have sat on.

This would work. We could just take over the loan if they agree and be done with it.

I would still get my room, my floor plan and make save money after all.

You see? The floor plan is EVERYTHING. And this one is also roomy and practical. Now if we can just get in the thing, without all this other hassle we’ve been having for the past several months.

Here are the pics. They’re not my pics, as we haven’t seen it in person yet. So excuse the blurry pics.

Who knows? Something may happen and we might get the blue one after all. This one will do, if the blue one doesn’t work out.

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1 Comment » to “Looking At Houses”

  1. FLYNN Says:

    I forgot to provide you with yet another fine feature of Feng-shui non-compliance: loose that island in the kitchen! It make the space, well, tight.