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Jul '11

Looking At Houses

Okay, it’s Plan B. :D

Plan B has two options. Since the place we just applied got bought out for cash from someone else, we have the option to take a lot (or two) up the street. We can still have a home just like the one we looked at, with same floor plan, front porch, etc…

We got the approval, and it’s just a matter of deciding FOR SURE, which option of Plan B to get. The BLUE ONE? YES! DO WANT!

It’s not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN. Probably in about 6 weeks from now, we start moving. They will have to dig the well, pour the foundation and get the lot ready.

However, we still liked that Blue doublewide ALOT, so we discussed the costs of just getting it and get FOUR lots, so we can turn around to face the correct way instead of longways like the others on that street.

This time, I had the camera with me and took pics. Click out to view full sized.

Non Options:

These are the ones we looked at, but did not want. They’re nice, but the energetics of the places are not right for me. Like an “inner no” on the place.

The light green one…

The Beige One…


3 comments to “Looking At Houses”

  1. FLYNN Says:

    Am I seeing another “Feng-shui” no-no or am I just being rusty about the kitchen sink (water) being near the range/over (fire)???

    A house painted in the color blue means too much water: That’s a possible “Feng-shui” no-no, too!

  2. DADONNADJ Says:

    Not close enough to bother me. The energetics still feel comfortable enough for me.

    And since I have trouble with thyroid at times, the color blue is what I need actually. A psychic friend told me I needed to wear more blue.

    We both just LOVE the blue one. Robert’s favorite color is blue, so it suits him actually.

    Robert is not into “Feng shui”, as I have a hard time getting him to get rid of his paper crap. I don’t really know much about it myself, but I hate clutter, that much I do know. lol

  3. Feng NOT Says:

    Fuck Feng Shui, get what you really want and what makes you happy!!